Education Begins at Home Essay

Some parents think that once their children are at school, they can relax and let the education system take control. But this is not the case at all. As research shows, parents have an even greater influence on their children’s academic results than the school does. Most of a child’s ability to communicate, to relate to teachers and peers and their attitude to learning, is formed from home. Parents can help give their children a head start, by beginning their education at home.

Many parents don’t realize how they can help their children at home. Things as simple as baking a cake with their children can help them with their education, Measuring out Ingredients for a cake Is a simple form of math. Another example of helping young children with their math Is simply planning a birthday party. They have to decide how many people to Invite, how many Invitations they will need, how much the stamps will cost, how many prizes, lowly bags, cups, plates, and balloons need to be bought, and so on.

Children often find that real life experiences help them to do their math more easily. Another way that parents can help their children with their math, is to give them pocket money. It does not have to be a large amount, and they may have to do chores to earn it. This not only teaches them about the value of money, but they may need to use basic math to work out how long they will have to save to buy the special toy that they want. This means that children are developing their money SE… [to view the full essay now, purchase below]

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Education Begins at Home Essay
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