Education between China and Western Essay

Education between china and western west tradition difference comparison From ancient times to modern times, family education has been playing an important role in the national educational cause. A great man-Gapping Eden said, “The basis of a country’s modernization lies in talents, the basis of talents lies in education, and the basis of education lies in family. China is a country with emphasis on the home education. The outstanding home education in the deep education culture. ” The family education, the school education and the social education are the three big rope of education.

They are Indispensable. Nowadays, increasing attention has been paid to family education by the modern society, and it gets a hot spot of society, which Is closely related to tens of thousands of families’ vital benefits and urgent need. At present, family education maintains a good momentum of growth in China. It gets more and more important to Chinese families. Through out the ages, many men of insight work delightedly in the field of home education, and accumulate quite substantial achievements.

And China Is an oriental country with a long history, TTS deep educational culture includes the elements of excellent family education. As we all know, China’s ancient educational thought want through the ancient family educational field. [ “Family Instruction of Yang” , Suit Yang, Southern and Northern Dynasties] For example: moral Instructions first; the respect for old; the care for the young; the cultivation of moral character; example setting; the determination of being strong; learned profound knowledge, careful consideration; and so on.

These outstanding thoughts are go back to ancient times. Nevertheless, there are still a lot f problems emerging out In that family education, which Is still weak. The education expert concerned, who made the long-term pursuit of investigations, thought that 2/3 family education is improper. All the analysis justifies the conclusion : the first, malignant events erupt unceasingly.

It not only indicates the importance of family education, but Indicates the Importance and necessity of carrying on scientific family education; the second, in current home education, there is still erroneous zone. It may be summarized as “three excess” and “one excessive height”: that is , quite some arenas are excessively concerned with the children, excessively retrain and nosed into the children’s affairs, excessively chatter and criticize the children, and something excessive Is expected of the children.

The third, under the market economy condition, there is the multiple concept of value, the only child community grows as well as the divorce families increase and so on, all this brings about many unprecedented new situations and new problems; The fourth, rural population account for 80%, the countryside housing disperses, the condition Is bad, guardian’s ultra quality is somewhat low, the countryside’s family education has become the key and difficult point n developing family education .

But, before the comparison,we need to know about the social background of China and Western Countries. As we all know, China Is a socialist country and most Western countries belong to capitalist countries. And. They have different history and cultures. China advocates Confucianism and the western countries advocate the revival of literature and art. But the most important point is that their attitude towards the Off position AT Tamely Institution’s position Is also Deterrent.

In cancan’s traditional Tamely, parents’ authoritative consciousness plays a leading role while western civilizations mainly emphasize struggle, equality, democracy and human rights. Of course, home education is a kind of humanity’seducational practice. China and the Western family education have many things in common. No matter which country you come from, what nationality you belong to all think the family is a person’s first school, and the parent is the first teacher. Either China or

Western countries, either the ancient times or the modern times, family education is always in the most fundamental position. 2nd, family education should be started since childhood, perform the duty promptly. 3rd, parents’ unsuitable role division in education brings about some bad results. 4th, pay attention to the training the children’s longing for knowledge, value reading. The Chinese parents of ancient times, fully realized this truth, they guided the children in reading the Four Books and the Five Classics when they are young, all the various schools of thought, stimulated their desire for seeks

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