Education difference in the us and in the india Essay

Education difference in the us and in the India BY b_patentee Comparison contrast essay Education Difference in the US and in India Have ever did comparison In education between In your country and in the US? Each country has own education rules and it may differ than any other country. India is my native country, and India has same courses as the US has. However, many courses in colleges/universities are the same as In the US, there are three differences In education system. First In India, students have to choose their major in 10th grade, unlike in the US.

In India students have to choose one option in between three for their major. Three majors are science, commerce, and arts. In science there are also 2 options they have to choose one is math and other is biology. After choose your major after 10th grade, they continues their education with chosen major in 1 lath and 12th grade. After completed high school they can choose any degree related their major. For example, my friend took major in biology, science, so she can choose any doctoral course/degree related as long as biology. She chose pharmacy and now she is a pharmacist in well-known drugs company In India.

On the other hand In the US students have to choose their major after 12th grade in college. They can choose any major as they want. However, in India students cannot choose other degree which is not related to their major. For example, science student cannot choose degree in commerce Like b. A or b. Com. In short, In India students have to choose their major after 10th class, unlike the students in the US. Second major difference Is students cannot choose their class schedule In India, on he other hand In the US students can choose whatever class time and day as suitable for them.

In India, students don’t have to choose how many classes they want In semester, and what time they can come for classes. It Is already fixed In India with degree or courses. For example, in engineering there is fix 7 semester for bachelor degree. Moreover, class timing is also fixed like 7 am to 4 pm College every Monday to Saturday. Unlike In the US students can choose what classes they want to take in semester, and what time and day they want to go in college. It is easy for dents so that they can make their own schedule.

It is less stressful and easy to study for students who want to study In the IIS In my opinion. In the US It is better education system for students who can choose their own schedule, unlike in the India. Last deference is every student cannot get grant if they were not working in the India, on the other hand In the US students get full grant who Is not working or who has low income. In the US student who doesn’t work or who has low income FAST gives full grant them, so they can study without any burden.

For example, when I came here In the US I didn’t work at that time, I applied for FAST_ FAST gave me full grant for my first year. In compilation to the US, Student who doesn’t work or has low income they don’t get any grant in India they have to pay for themselves. For example, my Trestle’s ciao don’t nave enlarge paying Jon, even tong teen nave to pay regularly college fees without any loan or grant. It is really nice system in the US, so every student can get education even they are not capable for it. In conclusion, in

India and in the US courses and degree programs are same in the colleges and universities, though education system has three major differences. First is in India students have to choose their major after 10th class, unlike in the US. Second one is in the US students can choose their classes and schedule, but not in India. Last one is every students cannot get grant in India as in the US if you are not working. In my opinion, because of these three major differences I like the education system in the US than in the India.

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