Education dispels Essay

Education is a firm base on which people can build their goals, aspirations and Interpersonal relationships. It is an agent for development, for creating peaceful societies, for building prosperous nations and for the common good of all. It represents opportunity, eradicates poverty and hunger by giving people the knowledge and skills they need to earn their livelihood.

Education, Is no doubt, the ay of hope In fighting the poverty of millions of underprivileged children. It Is also Integral to address the Ills of the society, especially deep-rooted gender based Inequalities that condemns millions of girls to a life of quality education and thus, to a life of missed opportunities. My worthy opponent may say that there are numerous celebrities who have no formal education but yet they are successful, e. G. Charlatans Ronald who has had no formal education but he Is popular…. But let me tell you. To understand this,we must need to question what education really is?

Well Ronald has ad a formal education in professional football. Education can come from everywhere. : It isn’t only school, it is a culture. From better health to increased wealth, from better societies to prosperous nations, education is a major catalyst of development. Education dispels ignorance, encourages positive attitude, inspires self-confidence, boosts moral values, teaches responsible behavior and helps young citizens make informed and better decisions in all spheres of life. This way, slowly but steadily, education builds the foundation for better societies and prosperous nations.

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Education dispels Essay
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