Education for the Future Essay

Education for the Future According to the Oxford Dictionary “Education Is the process of receiving or giving systematic Instruction, especially at school or university level”. Nowadays, there are dozens of theories about education and most of them consider what Its alms should be and what type of subjects should students be Instructed In. In order for schools to fully prepare students for their future, the annual curriculum should be modified to include academic subjects as well as creative subjects. To begin with, schools have he duty to instruct their students on academic or traditional subjects since it is crucial for their future jobs.

Knowledge about Mathematics, History, Geography, Biology, Language, among others is not only a social resource that enables a person to mix with other people but also the key to open the doors of various professions. A proper education provides many opportunities to develop a range of skills and abilities that will enhance your candidacy in the ever-increasing competitiveness of today’s Job market, no matter which Job a person will try to get. Whether you have a High School education or you are a college graduate, the experiences and correspondences that you have collected are designed to help prepare you for the working environment.

Many people believe that In order to earn a living It Is not important to be fully Instructed in these subjects or even to go to school. They say that it is easy to find a job regardless of the level of education a person has. I partially agree with this opinion since it is evident that many people who did not have the opportunity to access to the educational system have found a job. But what I want to ad is that there will be more Job options available to the ones who have a complete education of these traditional subjects.

To continue with, schools should include creative subjects in their annual curriculum to foster the imagination and the critical thinking of students. Painting, sculpture, music and other facets of art allow students to express themselves and to open their eyes. The manipulation of different materials such as clay, brushes, watercolors, acrylics and so on allow students to communicate and represent their feelings as well as to relax their minds after being aught a chemical formula or a problem related to Physics.

What Is more, the analysis of advertisements and newspapers could be an excellent way to combine both a relaxing moment and an opportunity to develop critical thinking in order to consume media with a critical eye. As Traversal said “Education has produced a vast population able to read but enable to distinguish what is worth reading”. However, some people say that it is a waste of time to dedicate time to those subjects that are not within the list of academic ones and they are in favor of removing them from the curriculum. I believe that, for example, art training is important in other areas of education as well.

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