Education in Society Essay

In Society Twenty-five percent of Americans that start Hollyhock do not graduate, thirty percent of Householders graduate but do not go to College right after graduation, forty- three percent of students who start college will not graduate in six years. A better longer education leads to a good life. Education is important to a well rounded society. Education self empowers people, helps with getting a Job/career, and teaches people common since/knowledge. The fist point as of why education is impotent is it sell empowers people.

Receiving a good education help empower one, thus making one strong enough to look after themselves in any situation. It is only through knowledge that you can start the constitutionality. It Is only then that one can avail your rights as citizen, and improve In the structural functions of the government and the economy. It Is only through education that were one would be able to be successfully seethe through the social, economical and political society. If one refers to the book Lord of the Flies by William Gilding, is a perfect example of that society is better.

If the boys did not explore r lean AIBO the island that they were stranded on they wouldn’t have Beebe able to work together or function properly. This shows that education self empowers people, naming education important to a society. Another reason that education is important is it helps with getting a Job and or starting a career. As of February the unemployment ratter the united states was at 7. 77%. This is why a college education is eve important and Is not to be taken for granted, when faced with choosing between high qualified candidate and a low qualified candidate, the employer will most likely lean towards the more qualified arson.

Such as the employer will not have to Invest as much money and time In training, wealth the higher qualified person they already know the tricks and the various ways of performing tasks functionally at their job. The same applies for people that spend more time at school and get a higher education, and get a higher advanced diploma. The people are continuously improvement profile and knowledge and skills to get higher up on the competitive career ladder. Those who have attained a high education, steer towards the path of development and progress to their country.

I are hose individual that are the very backbone our society, including, teachers, scientists, inventors, warfare activists, and political leaders etc. , who which if we did not have would crumble an fall with these people with high education are who and watt make this world spin and support our society greatly. There will come a time were one will not want to be employee anymore, one would like to take charge and control over ones life and Income. One would Like to take charge and be self employed and watch his/hers Ideas and peepholes to take realistic form. One will prefer to offer jobs rather ton to be offered jobs.

In this case one will have to have a great amount AT coeducation to succeed. One may even gain consonances Ana Instant to sprees the ideas and knowledge to other companies , and business arenas. This ability comes with experience and knowledge amassed over the years of education. Thus concluding that education and the higher the help with getting a Job and or career. The third and final reason why education is important to a well rounded society is, education gives common sense and knowledge. Bring educated is the most important thing for ones life, but the better the education the more important role in aging a nation more successful.

Receiving formal education is vital, it not only helps one to achieve success in life it helps one receive common since and knowledge. One can learn English, History, math, and science in school, and be “book smart”. Furthermore one can learn how to life by knowing what to say in a certain real life situation, and to be “street smart”. On can also have all the knowledge in the world needed for your profession but if you do not know how to behave with your colleges and customers , then having only book knowledge, one would not get very far up the rarer ladder.

Example, if ones profession was a Physician, and you have all tech knowledge about medicine and health care, but if you do not have side manners and not interact well with your patients, and co-workers, and team then what is the point of having book knowledge or in the other way if you can work well with co- workers and people and the environment and you do not have knowledge about you job then you would not get very far.

An example, would be in Loped of the Flies Ralph has very good smart skills he works very well with the other boys but and cooperates tit doing the Jobs , but her isn’t smartest “book smart’ he doesn’t know much about being a leader and controlling the group. Such as it says a full life of education is Just what people need tap get ‘book and street smart’. Education also helps us gain knowledge, information and intemperate things correctly.

It also teaches us how tolled our lives mingling in the society and turning out to be good citizen. A person is also Judge by his. Hers good or bad manors. Education teaches us how to differentiate between good and bad manors and choosing right behaviors and cultivate good manors. Good manors are good fro children develop TA a young GE. Kids must learn to be polite telephone etiquette, social skills and deeper values. All of this can be taught at school or at home.

Teaching your children either at school or a t home, good manors creates a foundation for them that they will say with them through their entire life. Finalizing why education is important nanas teaches common sense and knowledge. All the text, thus concludes why education is important to a well rounded society, thus concluding that education self empowers people, teaches people how to get a job and start a career and teaches common sense and knowledge

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