Education Is A Very Important Issue Of Essay

Education is a very important Issue of today’s time. We as Parents try to make Sure our children are receiving the best education possible. The choice between Public School and Private Schools basically is determined by the way we want our kids to learn. We can also compare the two by what’s being taught. Cost, admission process, discipline, safety, and teachers’ certification. Public Schools must follow their states standards or recommended curriculum when determining what to teach. Subjects such as religion and politics are not allowed In public schools. Rulings in many court cases over the years have determined the cope and limits of what can be taught and how it is presented in public school. ” However a Private School can teach and present whatever they choose. It all depends on what the parents are comfortable with when It comes down to a particular program and educational philosophy. These two types of schools also have similarities on what is being taught. They both teach the Core subjects such as English, Science and mathematics in order to be considered for graduation.

There Is a huge difference In the cost in Public and Private Schools. The type of Funding differs between the two. In public schools there are no tuition costs. They are Free of charge. However you may encounter small fees. Public Schools are funded by tax payers and some other state and federal sources. Private schools must provide their own funds. Tuitions for private school come from the students’ parents, schools Alumni or other members in the community.

Private grants and fundraising is also Used to get tuition costs paid. Private and Public schools both use a testing process and view transcripts from the previous school to determine the grade level for all new students. Public schools are not allowed to turn any child that resides in their Jurisdiction down unless it’s eased on well documented behavior. Private schools do not have to accept every child. All Private schools are different so they may require essays, academic testing or an interview to determine acceptance.

The chosen process is based on scholastic achievements, ethnicity and religious back grounds. Private schools consequences for discipline are based on the terms that the school considers unacceptable behavior. Discipline for private schools are governed by the contract in which the students and parents signs with their school. Public schools “students are governed by due process and constitutional rights. This makes It difficult to discipline students for any Infractions of that particular schools code of conduct.

A lot of public schools have implemented certain security measures for the children’s ‘Off satiety. I nee are Declining to place metal detectors, security guards Ana some police officers in the school during normal hours. Violence has been no stranger to most public schools. Private schools are usually small so the chance for violence is very minimal. They are able to manage and supervise its small population and have also implemented controlled access into their buildings.

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Education Is A Very Important Issue Of Essay
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