Education Is Power Essay

Education is power; this has been one of the main Ideas that every society has had. Millennialism and non-education is the better way to ensure people subjugated and easy to dominate. So when In the 18th century people revolt against the established govern system, every country demanded the creation of an education system, according to what they believe more Important. Even though, no system Is identical to other, there are two main models that enclose and define the different approaches that educational system has all around the world.

One of these models is the multi-intelligence approach, principally expended in North America, which, in general terms, consist in adapting the education to each individual according to their needs and future goals. Students have few subjects, chosen among the many that the school may provide, in order to create a very specific education, focused in one field. Each subject has one hour per day so It Is easier to develop it In profundity, so the students are better instructed.

However this approach is traduce in a lack of orientation, the students are so focused In their subjects that they do not have time to expand their knowledge in any other field, they are limited by their ignorance of other subject. The general approach, given In most European countries, consists In providing general notions on every field before a specific study. Pupils are instructed In almost all the fields for the flirts years of their educational period, normally coinciding with the force education years. After this term, students may specialize in a fiend according to what they are going to focus their life in.

On the other hand, Students educated on this system don not have a complete, nor profound education in any field. In many times this time happens to be useless, for, after it, students forget everything that they would not use In the future. Nevertheless, the importance is not the process but the result. It is not important whether the students have a general or specific notion, but that this educational term, produce well formed and efficient workers that may find a workplace and help in the prosperity of their countries.

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Education Is Power Essay
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