Education Is the Key to Success Essay

Education for obtaining a desirable Job. An article called “Australian Social Trends” released by the Australian Bureau of statistics states that within Australia, year 12 attainment is regarded as a key factor In the formal development of an individual’s skills and knowledge. This contributes to the development of a skilled workforce, and in turn, to ongoing economic development and improved living conditions. According to the Organization for Economic

Cooperation and Development, in Australia employment rates are higher for Individuals with a high level of education; and around of Individuals with a university education have a paid job. This is compared with only 59% for those without year 12 education. My second point Is that education Is SO Important because it develops a generation of responsible individuals who understand the forms of proper conduct. With the increased learning and knowledge that we gain through education, we are better able to support our families and ourselves.

Having university degree shows hard work and dedication. We will be more likely to be considered for promotions and be better able to change ourselves and the world for the better. The COED better life Index states that “A well-educated population is essential for a country’s social and economic well-being”. Isn’t it fantastic that here in Australia we understand that education IS the key to success and we have set up our society to reflect that? My third and final argument Is that having an education leads to making more money once in the workforce.

Many people measure success by how much money we make and education Is a KEY factor in this. According to the- number-crunch. Org, a HILLED survey (household income and labor dynamics in Australia) conducted in 2010 shows that over the past decade Income growth for people who have a year err higher education degree was around 22. 8%. This is compared to only. 7% increases In income for people who completed year 9 or less. So you see, education plays a huge part in how successful we are in our careers and how much potential Income we can achieve.

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Education Is the Key to Success Essay
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