Education is the Key to Success Essay

Education is the Key to Success and a Better Life As we all know education is one of the most important things in life. Education is what helps us human beings succeed and make a difference. Us Americans are all given the opportunity to attend free public grade school, but some of us don’t take that advantage and send it all to waste, not knowing that their are many other kids in the world that don’t have this same opportunity that we have.

For example In Kenya children are not all given that opportunity of having free grade school education. Many of them don’t even know how to spell out their own name nor do they know how to read. The one’s responsible for not having education for these children are obviously the government. As shown In the movie “The First Grader” their mall Issue was education, It was not being offered for free until a while later the government opened a small primary school In Kenya.

Many parents tried getting their children enrolled so they could get a free education. An 84 year old man by the name Marge also tried attending but was told no because he was not properly erased, so he being as poor as he was, was motivated to go buy some old clothes and fixed them up a bit he later was let into the school by teacher Jane, knowing she could get in big trouble risked it. She was motivated to help Marker learn the basics of reading and writing.

When Marge was younger he was abused by the British and he fought for the liberation of his country, him not knowing that the reason why their was now free education was because of him Marge continued going to school with five and six year olds and later found out in a letter from the president and overspent which he could not read that it was all thanks to Marge that Kenya had now this free education. I believe that one of the main issues involved in accessing education is money.

That is one of the biggest keys in this because without an education there is no way that you will ever have money. Education is needed to get a lob even if it means Just working at a simple fast food place. Another big issue would be immigrants there are many people all over the world that don’t even have papers and that is a very big struggle, especially when you want to go to college It Is Impossible to go without having a social security. I think that, that is one of the things that most of us don’t think about.

In the film “The first Grader” Marge set’s an example on how you are never to old to get an education. As he quoted “we are useless If we cannot read” I believe that, that Is very true. What If you had won a would be totally useless. Us teenagers right now are the future If we don’t go and get an education the world Is going to be In a lot of trouble by the time we are adults. We are all going to be Jobless. I think that the film that does a much better

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Education is the Key to Success Essay
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