Education Kills Creativity Essay

Education Kills Creativity. How Far Is This True In Your Society? It is true too large extent in our society that education kills creativity because In today’s society, teachers In schools mainly Impart knowledge while students blindly accept It. By doing so, It Is none other than spoon feeding students with everything through the drill-and-kill teaching style which disincentives them to ask questions as they are more likely to be inclined to choose to easy way out and accept model answers provided to them.

An example would be during Dir Ovens’ research, which was discussed at a conference t Nottingham Trend University. The discussion was titled Learning How to Learn in Higher Education, and suggests that a growing proportion of students are “puzzled” by the Idea of Independent learning. This is because they have often been led through their schooling by their teachers, who he said were focused on “meeting targets and requirements”. This proves that the education system Is designed In such a way, that students do not have to show any initiative.

As long as they Just follow the instructions of their teachers, they will be able to cope well This cause the rain to be doing very little while waiting for the next piece of knowledge and It Is In this time the students should be thinking creatively and analyzing. Some might argue that the traditional and long established view of education Is that the duty tot a teacher is to teach the students the basics and leave them with as much knowledge as possible while a student’s responsibility is to participate actively in class.

However, knowledge and revolution has changed everything. Teachers should teach students to be curious and how to think. By showing them the full answer sheet and allowing pupils to copy from It, teachers are causing pupils to over rely on model answers and perceive such answers as the only correct answer so they would not make use of their creativity to think of alternative solutions. Thus. The fact that education kills creativity Is true to a large extent in our society.

Standardized testing kills creativity because students memories all their materials and regurgitate them during exams. They are tested on a specific topic such that students cannot choose the topic n high which they can display their creativity. Therefore, in order to score well in exams, they are torched to memories notes and pen down what they have memorized, onto their exam scripts. Exams become a competition of rote memorization Instead of how much they understand the subject.

Thus they only stick to what they are taught and expected to know and dare afraid of unfamiliar innovative ideas DSL they might cause them marks during the exams since they have not memorized the answers to such questions. Although some might say that standardized testing Is the best way to gauge one’s testing, allowing teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students, standardized testing is not a good way to gauge a student’s learning because there are students who understand the subjects perfectly but Just cannot perform well under exam stress.

Students learn to become exam smart because standardized testing only test tort superficial learning given a short period of time. High stakes standardized testing also puts weaker students at a disadvantage and discourages them. Furthermore, standardized testing kills creativity because dents are told to follow d particular model to answer questions during exams and are tens, unmade to De Innovative ruling exams since teeny are only taught to consider a certain issue or problem in a fixed way.

Hence, education kills creativity is true to a large extent as standardized testing prevents them from thinking out of the box. The rigidity and lack of choices will also kill creativity in students. In some schools, some subjects are being treated more importantly than the other subjects. For example, when the school double count math in the students’ grade, the message .NET to the students is that math is more important that all their other subjects. This is detrimental because students will have the mind set that doing well in math will help you get good grades and find a good Job in the future.

This mind set affects their decision making, as they have no choice but to take math if they want to do well and neglect the other “less important” subjects they may have interest in, such as art and music that gives students a chance to think flexibly and express their thoughts carelessly, unlike math, which is very rigid and has standard answers for students to allow. Students will also be more likely to choose courses with good market value but not necessarily the best course that allows them to exercise their creativity.

They are stuck with mandatory courses and becomes performance oriented as they shut out courses that can stretch their creativity but cannot enable them a successful life in future. Students no longer have the motivation to study and pursue their area of interest but take up courses that aid them in getting a good Job in the future, and thus the rigidity and lack of choices in school kills creativity in students by not giving hem a chance to have a free and non-restricted choice in subjects.

Although some might contest that education allows for students to stretch their creativity in the area of the arts by having special schools such as SOTS and LOSABLE, these schools are difficult to enter and are insufficient to cater to the needs of students in Singapore. There are simply too few of such schools that specialize in the Arts and the availability in such schools becomes a question. They often take in students with direct school admission and it is hard to even enroll in these schools without an outstanding musical or artistic talent.

The schools fees are also extremely expensive, not to mention spending even more money if they were to attend tuition classes. For example in Losable, in order to attain a Foundation Certificate in Visual Arts that is equivalent to a “A” level entry qualification, Singapore students are required to pay 19,000 dollars while international students have to pay 23,000 dollars which is not a small sum at all. Even if a student has great interest in Arts, it would not be easy to enter such schools and not everyone will be able to afford the costly school fees.

Besides even if one really does enter such specialized schools, it does not necessarily mean that they get the chance to display their creativity or get recognized because everyone is as good and competition is tough. Hence, although there are specialized schools that focuses on the Arts and trains their students to unleash their creativity, it is an arduous task to be accepted by these schools and pay for the exorbitant school fees. Done by: Yang Ling, My Hein, Annie and Grace Ye Class: AS

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