Education & Learning Disability in India Essay

Disability in India Gone are the days, when a child is good at a certain skill, will be groomed for a particular Job which required that skill. But now the scenario Is totally different. Every other child Is groomed to acquire a particular set of skills so that they Join a particular Job, without even Identifying his/her natural skills. This creates a great pressure in students and eventually has become the” norm of Education”. This also contributes fairly, raising the incidence of Learning Disability among children. “Learning disability’ (OLD) has been the much talked about topic in the Education

Sector in the recent years. To know about OLD. It is important to know how we process information to learn. Everyone processes information differently. People’s individual learning styles tend to cluster Into specific categories. Therefore, while each person learning style Is unique and should be treated as such, there Is much that can be said about learning disabilities in general. Learning-disabled students process information from different and/or multiple perspectives, which often cause difficulties when they are asked to think or work In a traditional’ manner.

It is not that hose students cannot learn it is that their different learning styles come with sets of characteristic strengths and weakness that differ from those people without such disabilities. In fact, these children with OLD have average to above average IQ. Some have difficulty in seeing the letters and words as they are, they see the letters and words differently, some cannot follow multiple Instructions, some In understanding abstract concepts, etc, and we cannot identify them by merely looking them and It makes them suffer more.

We have lot of children in our schools with learning difficulties unidentified, which makes them suffer in academics. All kids’ brains are unique- the OLD child’s Is Just too unique for the school to handle. Each brain responds Individually to different types of tasks and each is potentially better for some kinds of learning than for others. Healy, the author of “Endangered Minds” writes thus: “Let us imagine that a child with a brain specifically ill-equipped for reading went to school in a society where all information was conveyed pictorially or by storytelling.

The learning disability would never materialize! ” This decade has seen a Hugh rise in children with Learning Disability. Even though there are few N. G. Co’s and Private sectors working for the betterment of the children with Learning Disabilities, It Is very less compared to the proportion of the Incidence of L. D. Many children go undiagnosed and end their schooling abruptly In the higher classes and sometimes their lives. To understand OLD and to diagnose it when the children are very young, will help the children have themselves ground to learn efficiently.

Teachers need to know more about OLD and should be creative enough to handle the children with OLD. It would not ‘ Off De unrealistic to say Tanat education (Consoling) Is part AT Tie Ana Is not ten yardstick o measure one’s Life. When teachers lack creativity and believe that Learning can happen only in their trusted method of teaching, they impose it on every child, batch after batch, year after year, without considering the child. When every child is pushed inside the same teaching process devoid of their abilities and made to go in a fixed pattern, it creates friction, uneasiness and stress in them.

They don’t experience the Joy of learning. Instead of igniting their flame of learning, it puts off their natural flame of learning, create the fear of learning and make them unhappy. The trusted methods can be giggly useful for a set of students to score high marks and Join esteemed universities. But mere High marks do not equal Learning. There is no such thing as better learning or worse learning. Either learning is there or it is not. Education should inculcate interest in the child rather than fear.

Interest helps to remember. Memory aids in learning and Memory alone is not learning. When students do not understand, they are forced to use only their memory and a set of students score high marks irrespective of their learning and other students get dejected and feel low about themselves since Parents, Teachers and peers do not aspect them. This is the case of many children with OLD, undiagnosed. When they lose their self respect, it is not good for them as well as others.

They will live in constant pressure, frustration and psychological irritation. When the pressure goes beyond the managing limit of the student, bizarre events occur. Sudden outburst of anger results in violence. They turn hostile towards others including teachers and the future of the student darken. We need to address this issue immediately to avoid future mishaps. For Mark Twain, schooling was the place where his interest suffered, as he says “I eve never let my schooling interfere with my education. It no longer should be the case for the students. Learning in school should be a Joyful event for students. When one does not enjoy their education, it is obvious that they would not enjoy the Job they get out of that education resulting in unhappy individuals working/slogging in companies, always having an eye on the calendar to get holidays. It is the right time; more thought process should take place in giving a stress free enjoyable education system where the children can bloom to their full potential as a happy individual.

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