Education of Little Tree Essay

About diversity during his time. In this movie, Little Tree encounters some difficulties that affected him in ways that he did not understand. I began to learn that people his time were still not fond of Cherokees. Throughout the movie, Little Tree is treated unfairly because of his racial background. In the beginning of the movie, little tree did not attend any schools. He was thought at home by his grandmother and grandfather. They taught him about nature, whiskey making, farm work, etc.

They taught him this by guidance and encouragement. As the movie got closer to the end, Little Tree was forced to go to a resident school by the government. He and his grandparents did not Like the Idea but, they did not have a voice In the decision. Once he gets sent to the school, the school was very prejudice and ignorant. For example, as soon as Little Tree got inside the school, he was stripped down and gotten showered by people from a distance.

After he got a shower, he was given new loathes to wear and his old clothes were thrown away. The school made It seem as If he was not clean. Generally speaking around his time, school systems were not satisfactory. To sum up, I learned that Cherokees had a hard life. People who were not white were discriminated against. Back in Little Tree’s time, there was not much diversity, especially In schools. Little tree was the only Cherokee In his school. Due to this, he was treated poorly by non-Cherokees and was thought of as unsanitary.

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Education of Little Tree Essay
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