Education Philosophy Essay

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Metaphysics Is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. Epistemology or theory of knowledge is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge. Axiology is the philosophical study of value. It is either the collective term for ethics and aesthetics. And Logic is the study of arguments.

When I thought about my own personal views for educational philosophy, I thought back to my educators in school, my parents, and errs that have made a difference In my life. Compared to the history of logic the demarcation between philosophy of logic and philosophical logic is of recent coinage and not always entirely clear. Characterizations’ include Philosophy of logic is the arena of philosophy devoted to examining the scope and nature of logic. Philosophy of logic is the investigation, critical analysis and intellectual reflection on Issues arising In logic.

The field Is considered to be distinct from philosophical logic. Philosophical logic Is the branch of logic concerning aspects other than or outside of formal logic. Philosophical logic is he application of formal logical techniques to philosophical problems. My educational philosophy is based on personal experience, and from daily observations. I believe that the purpose of today’s schools go above and beyond simply academic education. I believe that schools are a place for education, experience, and preparation for the future. As any comfortable environment, schools should provide students with good physical. Mental, and emotional health. In order to achieve this, teachers must be focused on more than just getting through the curriculum. I had an excellent teacher when I was in high school, during BOCCE named Mrs.. Steinberg. She was a wonderful BOCCE/ early childhood teacher, but she did more than Just teach. She seemed genuinely interested in the students’ well being, and would always stay after school to talk to students who needed her. Mrs.. Storyteller was a great listener, gave excellent advice, but also knew where to draw the line.

Mrs.. Steinberg had a balance between being a friend, and also being a teacher. As a result, she earned the respect of her students, and everyone seemed to enjoy her classroom. Mrs.. Steinberg reminds me of Mr.. Keating in the film “The Dead Poets Society. ” In the movie, Mr.. Keating, played by Robin Williams, promoted an exceptional learning area within his classroom. Mr.. Keating was able to motivate his students to do more with their life than Just get a degree; he taught life lessons on how to be a better person. The saying Mr..

Keating gave his class was “Carper diem,” meaning “Seize the day! ” I feel as though Mrs.. Steinberg, while not shouting it to the class, demonstrated the same desire for her students. Mrs.. Steinberg was a role model to me, and I believe to other students as well. I believe that in order to be a teacher that is both admired and looked up to, there are certain traits that must e consistently shown. I believe a teacher should lead a life both inside and outside of school that Is consistent with the beliefs that he or she teaches In the classroom. Pantaloons AT special education Is Tanat special coeducation Is teaching c Noreen won have special needs, which can interfere with their learning abilities. I believe special education compared to general education is merely an extension of services in helping all children learn. Learning is a process through which we increase our knowledge as a result of the experiences in our lives. We learn through what we are exposed to and what we try to imitate. It is a process of discovery. The environment in which we live stimulates our brains to make connections of neurons to continually build upon throughout our lives.

Imitation is key in learning. I remember a student telling me that he knew someone who had a funny walk and that his nine-year -old son imitated his walk. After that story, I was reminded of when I was little girl trying to imitate my mom’s behavior by trying to shave my legs with a razor, and I ended up cutting myself. I learned very quickly that I should not have tried to shave my legs because of the pain I experienced. However, in the case of the nine-year-old boy, the imitated walk represented a positive experience since the boy obviously looked up to his dad.

In A celebration of Neurons, children learn to speak their parent’s native accents without actually having any formal instruction. After reading that passage, I recalled having to go to speech therapy when I was in the first grade because I had problems pronouncing certain words. At the time, I felt dumb and didn’t like going because I thought the other kids would think I was dumb. I was too little to realize that my speech problem was the result of imitating my mom’s German cent. I was unable to recognize the broken English accent and therefore imitated what and how she spoke.

Education is the foundation of human interaction. School is where students take in knowledge that will determine what they do with the rest of their lives. Students are offered great opportunities through education. Many times these opportunities are largely affected by how the material is presented to them. As an educator one is given the opportunity to facilitate the learning of these students and affect their lives in hopes that they use this information to progress forward into the future. My goal as a teacher is to educate the future generations of America.

I want to be a teacher because teaching is a unique occupation that will provide me with intrinsic rewards. I have found that the students have a large impact on how much I appreciate the art of teaching. I feel that teachers that have stable and healthy relationships with their students are the most successful. Throughout my student teaching experiences I have genuinely striver to be respectful towards all my students and each of their differing learning behaviors. All students learn at different paces, and work better with some learning styles rather than others.

This does not mean that students should be left behind because an educator prefers certain learning styles over one another. A good teacher attempts to you all types of learning styles in order to reach out to all types of learners. One can do this by touching on all aspects of Gardener’s multiple intelligences theory when creating lessons. I believe that assessment in the classroom should be constant. Student should have the chance to be graded beyond the simple tests and quizzes. Presentations, class discussions and other ways that students can prove that they are impregnating the presented knowledge is important and should be noted.

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