Education Play's an important role in humans life. Essay

Plays an Important role in humans life. The proof I have Is the three stones. Typhoid fever by Angel’s ashes (Peg-366), It cannot be Helped by farewell peg-355, The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez (peg 251). In all this stories they are trying to say different thing but one point is common between this three stories is studying and about gaining more knowledge how they get the knowledge? A they fell about education. It is not important.

However, it does play an important role in every Child’s life as today’s world. Without education human fell uncompleted. Education is important but right education. It teaches you about behaving, cooperating with others, to treat others it teaches u many other things that u do not know that u are learning it. Most wonderful felling in the world you can get is how u did and fell the experience u hade during the process of u gaining knowledge. Knowledge Is not only optioned by teacher lessons it is even optioned my utter world u get educated every step of the way you go In life.

I will tell u how do Angel’s Ashes relate these stones In one point starting with typhoid fever. Typhoid fever by Angel’s Ashes. In this story the kids are suffering with a desires boy is suffering with typhoid and girl is suffering for doctors do not know yet. They both hade a passion in their self to learn some thing. In the story, he has a passion to know what happen in poem that girl use to tell him when she was alive and the way he read the history book. P-370 ” Now who is going to tell me the story about the roadman. After the girls death. He was very curious to know about that poem of hers P-367 “Can borrow a book to read”. He asked for the book so he can know what happen out In the world that they do not know about. They curiosity of learning some thing new. Next story Is circuit The Cult by Francisco Jimenez P-252 “As the last day of august Disappeared, so did the number of bracers. ” The kids In this story was happy that they were getting over and he can go to school

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Education Play's an important role in humans life. Essay
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