Education problems Essay

The performance of the education system is an issue that causes much controversy in society. The educational system has many ways to teach in the schools but our society Is always wondering If these methods are the best. We live In a country where the education is one of the first values and we are responsible about how education is taught in our schools. In the pursuit of improving this ways society tends to compare our education level with other countries and their teaching methods, The education is facing lot problems nowadays and has to be resolved.

First I will discussed the arguments of the Article ; Why the other countries Teach Better’ ‘by The New York Times Editorial Board. This article claims that United States scored lower compared to the other 12 nations. According with the survey Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development the argument of The New York Times Editorial Board match with this results and teachers have a lot to do Improving their jobs. The teachers training are one of the big problems that our education have and this problem can be resolved if they receive better preparation.

According to the article Finland have a good place In the areas of literacy and math because they have schools, which offer a high level of education, and they have equal opportunity in education for poor and rich students. Also, the students have to take many important classes Like physics, chemistry. And biology. Philosophy. Music and they have to learn two foreign languages. In my opinion being bilingual, open the doors for many opportunities in the job industry.

The article argued that the training system of Finland Is a leader over other countries including us because their teachers are object to a regime of very high preparation compared with other countries. Furthermore, the article argues that in Finland teachers choose their careers not thinking about the money that they will receive for do their Job and they earn more money than U. S professor. However, another interesting claim in the article is about how Canada manages their educational system to get good results.

Canada has a good level of education their teachers have a higher educative standards. In difference to U. S. Who supports the schools depending on the level of taxes that the area generates, Canada has equality between schools no matter the taxes that the area generates. Promoting equality and good financial administration, Canada has taken a good place in education over the time. Another important argument is how China fights against elitism to give all students the same education without differences among students from different economic levels.

Also, in China Integrate migrant students as part of the student strength and they considered as important part of the future of the country. According to the article the American educational yester, could Improve the education level If we learn from De other countries that are in a high level. In contrast to the article “American Schools in Crisis? ” by Diane Ravish she claims that the media give to people wrong information about the problem In ten u s coeducation system Ana teeny claim Tanat teachers are not ten problem.

One of the important points of the article is about the scores in education that U. S got over the years Diane Ravish argues that America is not losing level in education because they are in the same level comparing with other years. She have n interesting point when she said “They said the same thing in 1957 when the Soviet Union sent its Sputnik into orbit and “beat us” by being first. At the time, the media were filled with dire predictions and blamed our public schools for losing the space race.

But we’re still here, and the Soviet Union is gone. ” This can be a prove about that maybe U. S is not doing an excellent work but at least the thing works in some ways. In addition, Diane Ravish said that our teachers have one of the most difficult works in the country because they have to teach migrants students who don’t know owe to speak, write and read English and this make more difficult they way to teach, how to teach in the same level of education students who don’t know English.

Also, the time are changing an the teachers have to fight with technology which the article claims that it is big distraction for the students. Another important argument in the article is about that the big problem of the education system is the way that the government has to change the rules and how introduce new laws or reforms. The government expectation are unrealistic they want that 100 percent of the students improve their grades thing that is impossible. When the government does not get the results that, they want many schools privatized or close and teachers lose their Jobs.

The big problems in the American education system are the bad administration. There are many ways to teach and find the best is almost impossible nobody knows which one is better but people always are looking for improve. I believe that in the future these problems will be resolved and that the education system will find ways to improve schools. In addition, I think that we can learn and share some ways to teach with other countries and create a significant change in our schools.

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