"Education Rules" in to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

Education: Not Only Taught at School “Education! ” Back In the earlier day’s education was somewhat hard to get In the classrooms. Most folks received their education from their parents. In this story, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tactics, Scout, and California are connected to the theme on how education Isn’t Limited to the classroom but plays a major role In a person’s life. First of all, Tactics Finch represents the theme on how education isn’t limited to the classroom, but plays an important part in their lives. Tactics grew up in Finches landing and took a career in law enforcement.

He had served in the state legislature for many years. Now he is a lawyer, who defends people, and the town people Just love him. Tactics and Uncle Jack were both taught at home, and they both grew up knowing basically everything. In this story, Tactics had been teaching Scout, his daughter, how to read at home. This was an Important lesson because it got Scout ready for school. Tactics stated, “l never went to school, but I have a feeling that If you tell Miss Caroline we read every night she’ll get after me, and I wouldn’t want her after me”(page). This quote refers to Tactics teaching Scout how to read and MISS

Caroline, Scout’s teacher, doesn’t Like how Scout already knows how to read. Another example on how Tactics’ education comes in place is during the trial of Tom Robinson. He made the people of the town and the jurors think twice before making their decision on the case. All in all, Tactics never went to school, but received his education from home and used that education in important times of people’s lives, as well as his own. Secondly, Scout Finch demonstrates this theme. Scout learns how to read and write at home from both Tactics and California. Scout learns an Important lesson about people from Tactics.

Tactics had told Scout that “You never understand a person until you consider things from his point of view until you climb Into his skin and walk around In It”(page). This quote means you can’t tell how difficult a person’s Job Is until you try their job. Also in this story Scout hates school because she isn’t learning anything and she gets punished by her teacher for already knowing the stuff. The reason why California was teaching her was because Scout was getting on California nerves so Cat sat her down in the kitchen and forced Scout to learn how to write. Scout is taught important knowledge from many different people away from school.

Some of the things Scout are taught she uses in places that shouldn’t be used, like school, because she gets punished for already knowing what the teacher is trying to teach. Finally, the third person who demonstrates this theme Is uncle Jack. Uncle Jack grew up with Tactics and neither one went to school. Uncle Jack became a doctor even though he didn’t receive his education at school. In this story uncle Jack was taught a very important lesson about children from Scout. Scout stated, “You’re real nice, Uncle Jack, Ana I reckon I love you even rater want you 10, out you Anton unreason children much”(page).

She also stated, “Well, in the first place you never stopped to game a chance to tell you my side of it-you Just lit right into me. When Gem an’ I fuss Tactics doesn’t ever Just listen to Gem’s side of it, he hears mine too, and in the second place you told me never to use words like that except in ex-extreme provocation and Francis provocateur me enough to knock his block off-“(page). These two quotes refer to the idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty in court, or n other words Uncle Jack punished Scout for starting the fight without hearing both sides of the story.

So Uncle Jack learned an important lesson about children and all people and that is to hear both sides of an argument instead of Just one side. Uncle Jack’s education also comes in place during his doctor visits. His knowledge is resourceful enough to make the patients forget about their injury while Uncle Jack fixes the problem. Uncle Jack is a good man and can solve basically anything, but when he doesn’t know the solution there is somebody who can teach him so that he an solve the problem.

Education is important to get ahead in the world, but you can get that education in ways other than in a schoolroom. Tactics and Uncle Jack prove that you can get a professional career without a “school” education, but you need to get an education in some way, usually Just by listening to others and learning as you go. Scout’s education shows that learning at home is good for your own knowledge, but that some people, like her teacher, don’t always like that education isn’t limited to the classroom but takes a major role in the person’s life.

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