Education System in India Essay

The famous Karakul system of education, where students used to go to a teacher’s (Guru) house and stayed as long the guru felt that he had taught everything he could teach. The modern school system was brought to India by Lord Macaulay in the asses. Teaching was confined to classrooms. The curriculum was confined to “modern” subjects such as science and mathematics. The Central Advisory Board of Education (CASE), set up In 1 935, continues to play a lead role In the evolution and monitoring of educational policies and programmer. Minion, the

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBS) formed to control education system to decide on curriculum, textbooks and examination systems. This board functions successfully even today within India and in many other countries. Government of India announce School Education Policies at the national level periodically and State governments Implementing it. The literacy rate of India as per 2011 census was 75% wherein it was 65% in 2001. Now, Thumbnail is in 7th state with literacy rate at 80. 3%. With 95%, Kraal Is the highest literacy rate In India.

Education today: In India, School education system had four deferent category biz. , lower primary, Higher primary, secondary and higher secondary education. But, There are different education streams like Central Board, State Board, Matriculation, Anglo-Indian etc. ,. Now Thumbnail Government has Introduced Schumacher Kali Which, helped to equalize the standard among all other streams of educations. The common book system is being adopted In schools with three terms. “In recent times, several major announcements were made for developing the education, the most notable ones being the National Common Minimum Programmer (ENCAMP).

The most important announcements are: (a) To make education a fundamental right for all children in the age group 6-14 years. (b) To ensure that no one is denied of education due to economic backwardness and poverty. The Introduction of midday meals scheme, providing free-uniforms, books, scholarships and laptops, encourages the students to study well. Government made special attention Tort ten coeducation AT Transiently-Adele students Day provoking lot AT alas Ana scholarships to facilitate their independent living in society.

In Higher Educations, Now-a-days the majority of the study subjects changed from Veda, astrology etc. , and having various research in all subjects. However,most of the students prefer medicines and engineering considering the vast employment opportunity. As a part of development of Education, Government accord approvals to Private players. They are also taking more involvement in developing education. Women’s education: In earlier days, the door of education is shut for women. But now women are being educated in almost all the courses.

The literacy of women has increased to 65%. Conclusion: There is no doubt that Indian Education System is doing well and Government is always keen to improve its quality. However, there will be merits and demerits in everything we create. It is true in the case of educational system also. The system of all pass up to certain class will make the students lazy. The education in the hands of private players has become Business. Though there are few defects here and there, The Education System in India is good and with the Government support, it will shine always.

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