Educationals Essay

Dry. Thomas Klein Date: Reflective essay Knowledge acquisition is one of the most paramount things in life. This course has helped me in several ways and has sharpened my skills and ability to handle challenges In life. To start with, I have gain a vast knowledge on how to write a business plan and this has given me a leeway on how to start and manage my own company and also employ others. Furthermore, the course has given me skills and knowledge on how to beat the competitors in the market through development of nominative strategies.

These strategies includes: pricing promotion and market segmentation so as to meet the customer demands. The course itself has been very enjoyable since most of us were eager to learn how to write and start a business plan. We could spend up to an average of five hours a week on the lesson. With my dedication and commitment towards starting my own business, I became motivated and active In class attendance therefore this made me perform better In class. I was eager to follow the chapters being taught by the lecturer and this enhanced my class improvement in this course.

Nevertheless, the course had some challenges in one way or another. Some of topics were challenging especially the financial part. It was challenge in calculating the financial of the business and also calculating the profits and coming up with the Flanagan position of the business. However, with the assistance from our lecturer, we were able to manage some of the challenges. The knowledge and experiences learned in this topic will assist me in several ways. To start with, I have gained knowledge on how to write a business plan where I can start NY business in future.

Secondly, I can start a consulting firm where I can assist other entrepreneurs on who to roll out an idea into a business venture. Lastly, the course will assist me In future to be able to handle threats and challenges facing a business and come up with competitive strategies. In conclusion, I think all the objectives of ten course nave Eden conclave. I nave Eden AAA lee to come up Walt pricing, promotion and distribution strategies References Bowman, D. , & Agitation, H. (2010). Market Response and Marketing Mix Models: Trends and Research Opportunities. NY: Cambridge.

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