Educational Philosophy Essay

Native land is a place where we live and where we welcome the greatest gift that we had received LIFE. Knowing the legend of your place will add to your completeness as an individual, for environment plays a potent role in framing your personality and discovering yourself. This study focuses on the documentation of legends on how the twenty eight Barings in the Municipality of Unbarring originated its names. Il- RATIONALE: Unbarring is a 2nd class municipality In the Province of Composites Valley,

Philippines. It is the capital town of the said province. It was subdivided into twenty eight (28) Barings namely: Misalign, Antiquate, Bask, Abyss, Basal, Cabbaging, Cabinet, Justinian, Albanians, Linda, Managing, Massage’s, Amanita, Manta, Amatol, Impaling, New Dais, New Gibbons, GAO, Pentagons, Application, San Sister, San Rogue, San Vaccine, Sass, Sat. Maria, Stop. Ion and Taxation. The Municipality of Unbarring exists for fifty six years and still has bounty of blessings.

However, there Is no compilation and documentation of the legend behind the arranges names, thus, this research Is to be made. III- After the research Is successfully completed the researchers would like to compile a written collection composing the legends of the twenty eight Barings of Unbarring. A copy of this compilation will be given to Acne’s Secondary and Tertiary Library. Literature teachers, Barraging Halls and Municipal Hall. The team has decided to perform the following strategies to make the study systematic and steadfast.

Proposal to the research committee * Seek permission from Barings officials,’ authorities * 28 places will be visited by the six researchers that are divided Into 3 teams. Team A will conduct the interview on the first 9 places, Team B will be assigned on other 9 places and Team C is task to look for the remaining 10 ; Conduct the study through interview * Submit weekly progress report to the moderator * Write and edit the gathered data * Publish a written compilation of the study

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Educational Philosophy Essay
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