Educational Scheme by Government to Improve Education Essay

Scheme IS sponsored completely by Gobo. F India, with a provision of Financial Aid-The scheme has come in the control of cocoons education Department when It was transferee Day Social welfare Department in 1992. The Aim of this scheme is to make efforts to bring all different disabled boys and girls that are studying in general/common schools of school Education Department in the main stream and after linking them with main stream of education for disabled children the goal of Education for all be achieved by providing efferent economical facilities and educational guidance. 6.

(CLASS scheme was started in M. P. During 1996-97. Under the scheme every such school selected was provided one Pentium computer and four Dime-Just Terminal. At present the action of providing Pentium-2 computer in schools is continue by Book Open University. The scheme launched by Gobo. Of India to develop Sanskrit Education in the country during 1998-99. The scheme aims to award the well learned in Salinas Samaras in which training of Sanskrit teachers and arioso scholarships are included.

In addition to the above aim the scheme aims to provide Grant in the form of salary of the teachers of Sanskrit primary schools as received by Gobo. Of India. Efforts are in progress to send the proposals for the Budgetary provisions in first supplementary.This programmer is being conducted in 33 districts of the state with the assistance of European community and World Bank, by Rajah Gandhi Sheikhs Mission. This is a seven yearly programmer supported first by European community 9.

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Educational Scheme by Government to Improve Education Essay
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