Educational Technology Essay

The Computer as a Tutor The computer is one of the wonders of human ingenuity; even in its original design in the sass’s to carry out complicated mathematical and logical operations. With the invention of the microcomputer , the PC has become the tool for programmed information. Computer-assisted Instruction The computer can be a tutor in effect relieving the teacher of many activities in his personal role as classroom tutor.

It should be made clear, however, that the computer cannot totally replace the teacher shall continue to play the major roles of information deliverer and learning environment controller. Even with the available computer and CIA software, the teacher must: Insure the students have the needed knowledge and skills for any computer activity. Decide the appropriate learning objective. Plan the sequence and structured activities to achieve objectives. Evaluate the student’s achievement by ways of test the specific expected outcomes.

CIA Integrated with Lesson CIA computer learning should not stop with the drill and practice activities of students. In effect, CIA works best in reinforcement learning through repetitive exercise such that students can practice basic skills or knowledge in various subject area. Simulation Programs Simulation software materials are another kind of software that is constructivist in nature. This simulation software: Teacher strategies and rules applied to real-life problems/situations.

Asks students to make decision on models or scenarios Allows students to manipulate elements of a model and get the exercise of the effects of their decisions. Instructional Games While relation to low-level learning objectives (e. G. Basic spelling or math skills), instructional computer games add the elements of competition and challenge. An example is Safari which introduce adventure activities for Geography History and Science. The programs can be played up to four players to form teams.

Learning outcomes can be achieved along simple memorization of information, keyboarding skills, cooperation and social interaction, etc. Problem Solving Software These are more sophisticated than the drill and practice exercises and allow students to learn and improve on their problem solving ability. Since problem cannot be solved simply by memorizing facts, the students have to employ higher thinking skills such as logic, recognition, reflection, and strategy-making. Multilateral Encyclopedia Ana Electronic The Multimedia Encyclopedia can store a huge database with texts, images, animation, audio and video.

Students can access any desired information, search its vast contents, and even download/print relevant portions of the data for their composition or presentation. An example is the eyewitness Children’s Encyclopedia. Electronic books provide textual information for reading, supplemented by other types of multimedia information (sounds, spoken words, pictures, animation). These are useful for learning reading, spelling and word skills. Examples are Just Grandma and Me animated storybook which offer surprises for the young learner’s curiosity.

Conclusion The Computer is a tutor in this new age of learning. It does not replace the teacher, although it assumes certain roles previously assigned to teachers who now has to take the new role of facilitator and guide. Also, computer activities are not the end-all of learning since they have to conform to the lesson/curriculum. Integrating computer exercises is the new task of the teacher who can find in the computer and computer software an alternative medium to the traditional classroom reactive of delivering information and supporting learning activities.

In the years ahead, we shall see the computer in schools as a common tool for the enhancement of the student’s thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Computers will become an integral component of the future classroom and not a mere machine that can deliver routine drills and exercise. Discussion: 1 . Many software materials available in developed countries are not yet available in developing countries. Do you think awareness of the existence of these materials can still help teachers in developing countries?

Yes, being aware of this technologies that are used in teaching will help this countries on coping up with the developed countries. 2. Students play games at home and nearby school computer cafes. How do these games differ from instructional computer games? -For me the difference of this was that those students playing video games on computer cafes find this games much enjoyable and satisfying than those of the instructional computer games. 3. Discuss the difficulties of using software: number of school computers available, need to evaluate these software materials, need to find ways to integrate them into Essen/curriculum.

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