Educational trips for ECE students proposal Essay

Students Proposal Vulcan State University Mallows, Vulcan September 3, 2013 Introduction Knowledge can be gained not only inside the four corners of the classroom, not only through books and what the instructors teach. It can be obtained greatly through actual presentation of resources. They need to familiarize themselves and experience the things that they would be doing In their chosen fields firsthand so that they could easily cope up with it in the near future and they wouldn’t be left behind. Statement of the Problem

The CE students, just like any other engineering students, have lots of things to learn not only through oral learning. As an engineer, they should not only learn through books but also through their own experience. Not all learning can be done In the classroom. It is not enough if they really want to excel on their chosen field. They also have lots of schools works to do and they often have no time for leisure. Objectives To be able to reinforce the topic that the instructor is trying to teach and to help them understand it better.

To make the students be engrossed and engaged in their studies. To be exposed on the things that has a relation with their course. To satisfy their curiosity and to learn new things that the books haven’t taught them. To easily understand and remember the lesson by means of enjoyment. Solution The school should implement and conduct educational trips to broaden the CE students’ knowledge further. They should not content themselves with what they learn in school but also be open to the new learning that they could obtain in their environment.

They could also consider it as a break from all the stress brought by the different school works because they would not only learn significant things about their work and course but also enjoy from the trip that would prove that learning could be fun. While the instructors could easily make their students understand the topics that they are teaching because it is easier to learn when all the resources are present and could be seen personally. The school could somehow benefit in this project because good learning produces good students.

This also improves the quality education offered by the school. Proposed by: To whom it may concern, Good day, I would like to recommend this project proposal to be implemented to improve quality education among the CE students in our school. This would not only help them to learn new things aside from what the school is already providing in its curriculum but it would also make them enjoy studying. It could also help and improve their instructors’ way of teaching. I am hoping for your kind consideration. Sincerely,

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Educational trips for ECE students proposal Essay
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