Educationnsystem in India Essay

Yes it Is good and poor. Both well, there Is stressed on theoretical Part of course only not on a practical part. India is much developed and developing very fast these days but didn’t have technology to give better practical training on secondary and Higher education level. Even the children in primary and secondary Education are burdened with lots of books. Homework given to them and the students copied them as it is from books ; they even don’t tried to extract knowledge from that course. This Fault Is redirected to our Indian Education.

The teachers must have given them some different work to do…. Why Indian institutes doesn’t give any education at primary or secondary level based on our books r Just handed over to them to make notes and to write down in short onto their Notebooks. They never tried to explain all those. Japan Is Developed and use Japanese Lang ;Chula Developed and uses CHINESE…. England Developed uses their mother tongue

Why because our education is poor… Children r taught to speak in English … Why…? They must be allowed to speak In English only to deal with International countries.. Can’t our Indian education stressed only these lines for their growing future. I. E. Children ? The burdened education can never lead India To Grow… To Make its Future Bright….. Secondary Education must make burdened less moreover Education must be given not theoretically but also at practical level . Student come under practical bob when he is undergraduate and when some project work are given to them… Hen they r under training …… Why Can’t practical should be allowed for secondary education students…? But our education system Is good under Industrial training and theoretical knowledge . Under industrial work; theoretical as well as practical work is matter. IT education at its highest position. In this case theoretical work matters. As I said above, no doubt theoretical education and knowledge provided to Indians r AY . Indian education is good in some cases and bad in another cases.

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Educationnsystem in India Essay
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