Effect of Pork Barrel in Education Essay

Areola Hottest Issue nowadays Is the pork barrel scam. As students, why do we have to be Involved In this Issue? And how this Issue affects students to the extent that It requires our awareness? Pork barrel is a government fund, and our senators should allocate these funds to the projects that will benefit us Filipinos especially for students that belong to what we called marginalia sector. Now that we already knew the essence of pork barrel, his will lead us to our fundamental question, “why do we have to be involved? , and “how this pork barrel scam affects us? ” Pork barrel is important to those students under the scholarship program because the allocations of the fund use in the said program usually came from pork barrel of our political leaders and also funds for school building came also from pork barrel, so if our chief executive abolished the pork barrel for sure this projects will be affected. I conclude that pork barrel Is a big help for our education If It only used properly.

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Effect of Pork Barrel in Education Essay
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