Effect of Space and Earths Atmosphere on Organisms

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Such factors as Earth's atmosphere , the ozone layer, the presence of oxygen and water, light from the sun and the force of gravity. Factors That Allow Life On Earth
Closest to the Earth, this layer of the atmosphere is where weather and the water cycle occur, more that 1/2 of the air in the atmosphere exist here (densest layer), only layer we can breath in! Troposphere
Second layers from Earth's surface, this is where jets fly, it contains the jet stream at the base and ozone layer at the top. Stratosphere
The middle layer is the coldest layer of the atmosphere, meteors burn up here due to collision with certain gases. Mesosphere
The fourth layer from Earth's surface, this is the hottest of all layers, auroras occur here. Thermosphere
The outermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere, some satellites orbit here. Exosphere
Air is a mixture of gases and has mass. It is composed of: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and the last 1% is a mix of other things such as CO2(Carbon Dioxide), Noble gasses and water vapor. Air Composition
Wind from convection currents because warm air rises and cool air, which is denser, descends- This creates a cycle of air motion that create(s) currents. Wind
Bad ozone- Which exists at the top of the Troposphere, is a by-product of burning fossil fuels and a pollutant. Good ozone- Exists at the top of the Stratosphere and absorbs harmful UV Rays and the high temperatures that would accompany them. Ozone
A force must be applied greater than the force of gravity to lift-off in order to get out of out atmosphere. Launching Into Space
Some of the basics include: oxygen, a space suit, water, food, and a space vehicle. Accommodations For Space Exploration

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