Effect of Unethical Behavior in Accounting Sample Essay

When depicting accounting. it can be defined. as a type of method used to supply information with respects to the fiscal place of a company or an organisation. The information provided to investors is imperative because it provides the investor with valuable information that can take to their finding as to whether they should make up one’s mind to put or non to put in a specific organisation. Consequently. because of unethical patterns and behaviours in accounting it is unusual to happen such unethical behaviours. Some unethical patterns in accounting that can be found would be to hold deceptive fiscal analysis for personal addition. hyperbole of gross. and supplying erroneous information pertaining to the company’s disbursals and liabilities. abuse of financess. or overstating the value of corporate assets. In add-on. to these unethical behaviour there are other unethical patterns like insider trading. graft. securities fraud. and use of the fiscal markets. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s both publically traded companies. WorldCom and Enron added leaden truth to the credibleness of accounting and concern moralss.

Both Companies were involved in dirts that engaged in deceit in fiscal statements and fraud. Enron was one of the world’s prima American energy company’s and in October 2001 Enron Corporation filed bankruptcy. this was due to the unethical behaviour that Enron executives had pattern. Enron had used equivocal accounting methods. They provided false fiscal studies to hide the one million millions of dollars in debt they acquired from unsuccessful concern undertakings. The deceitful actions taken by the Enron executives deceived the board of managers. stockholders. who lost one million millions when the stock monetary values dropped. and the audit commission of Arthur Andersen who they had overlook the fiscal concerns of the company ; this cause the prostration of Arthur Andersen Partnership every bit good. WorldCom besides filed bankruptcy for deceitful accounting patterns that consisted of heightening gross sums with fabricated accounting entries. Because of the magnitude of these unethical accounting behaviours. this caused the US authorities to go involve and make the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

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Effect of Unethical Behavior in Accounting Sample Essay
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The purpose of this act was to forestall unethical behaviour by puting regulations for hearers in accounting and their clients. In the article by ( Jelinek. 2010 ) . Becoming a More Relational Firm in the Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Era. The effects of the SOX Act are: 201: Prohibited hearer activities – Forbids a company’s audit house from cross-selling to the company eight particular nonaudit services ( including “consulting” services ) . 203: Audited account Partner Rotation – Requires both the lead spouse and the reexamining spouse of the audit house to revolve off the company’s audit every five old ages. 204: Hearer Reports to Audit Committees – Mandates the hearer study straight to the company’s audit commission on peculiar facets of the audit. 206: Conflicts of Interest – Prohibits ex-employees of the accounting house from taking “key positions” at the client company ( e. g. CEO. CFO. main accounting officer. accountant ) for up to a twelvemonth before the audit. 301: Public Company Audit Committees – Requires the company’s audit commission ( as opposed to the company itself ) to 1 ) determine which accounting house to engage to execute audit work. 2 ) O.K. the audit services provided by the audit house and supervise such work. and 3 ) counterbalance the house for executing audit work.

In add-on. all commission members must be independent of the client company. 407: Disclosure of Audit Committee Financial Expert- Requires public companies to unwrap when at least one member of the audit commission is a “financial expert” . To forestall organisations from carry oning unethical accounting patterns such as Enron and WorldCom. companies must implement alterations to better professional moralss. This can be done by holding senior direction show strong ethical behaviour and leading and prevent such behaviour to happen. The 406 subdivision of SOX is intended to advance honest and ethical behavior: To unwrap dependable and accurate studies and in add-on. to stay with authorities regulations and ordinances.


Jelinek. R. & A ; Jelinek. K. ( 2010 ) . Becoming a more relational house in the Post-Sarbanes- Oxley epoch. The CPA Journal. 80 ( 9 ) . 64.


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