Effective Management of Diabetes Through Periodic Monitoring of Blood Glucose and Diabetes Education: A Community Initiative Essay

PROJECT PROPOSAL AIM :- Effective management of diabetes through periodic monitoring of Blood Gulcose and Diabetes education – A community initiative. OBJECTIVE :- To reduce the incidence of Diabetes complication, improving the productivity and the quality of life. LOCATION / AREA :- SIRIPURAM, GUNTUR (DT), ANDRAPRADESH (ST). METHODOLOGY :- Diabetes mellitus is the silent disease in India. The decreased physical exercise, changing life styles & food patterns are the major contributory factors. Human is a social being. His/Her food habits fads attitudes & behaviours are mostly influenced by community.

While prevention through community awareness is being the main strategy in control of diabetes, Preventing the development of irreveresible complications is the second most priority area in diabetes. To achieve these. The following methodology has been adopted. 1) Building the community awareness through various IEC activities, development of diabetes education material which is socially relavant & communicating that at individual level through inter personal & group interactions. 2) Approaching the community in general and vulnerable in particular, erforming the capillary blood gulcose test for established diabetics by the trained person from youth organization in the village at periodic intervals. 3) Monitoring by Blood Tests. a) Capillary Blood Gulcose at weekly intervals b) Baseline & Quarterly testing of HbA1c, Lipid profile. TIME DURATION :- One Year. REQUIRED RESOURCES :- 1) Human Resources: A trained person will do Capillary Blood Gulcose test regulary at weekly interval roaming from house to house on the bicycle during morning hours 6:30Am to 7:30Am daily and Post Prandial on Sunday. ) Testing Methodology: A simple strip test with Capillary Blood is used for the Testing. The test result is expected with in a minute, can be interapted at the onsite. The testing should be done both on Empty stomach( Fasting ) and also 2 hour after taking food( Post Prandial ). PATIENT PROGRESS RECORD :- Every Diabetic is provided with a Healthcard where on blood sugar levels are noted and also graphical chart to know thier changing values. FINANCIAL RESORCES :- ) Purchase of test strips at 2 per patient ( Fasting & Post Prandial ) per week. b) HbA1C, Lipid profile Base line & quarterly. c) Developing education material. PROJECT MONITORING & ASSESSMET :- 1) HbA1c for every established diabetic for base line & quarterly for monitoring. 2) Lipid profile for every established diabetic Base line and quarterly for monitoring. 3) Microalbuminurial baseline once in 6 months. Dr. G. SRINIVAS [email protected] co. in

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Effective Management of Diabetes Through Periodic Monitoring of Blood Glucose and Diabetes Education: A Community Initiative Essay
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