Effects of Playing Online Game Essay

Negative Effects of Video Games I am an incessant gamer. I have played games ever since I got my first computer, back in 1995. The first games that I ever played were the commonplace and everyday Wolf 3D (which later on was released as Return to Castle Wolfenstein), and Quake I (Which has of course become one of the greatest selling games in entertainment history) and many other, lesser known games that would be bought only by someone who had an interest in games as I had. Ads by Google

Watch Live Football Games For a one of fee of ? 5 watch as many live football games as you can www. livepcsport. com Malaysia Toys Shops Find Cool Games & Toys, Get to the Nearest Toys Shops Now! www. 701panduan. com Of course, when I first started playing games, parents and relatives would just tell me that games were bad and there were several negative effects of video games. But to be very frank, back in 1995 not many could answer a simple question like, ‘What is the harm in playing Video Games anyway? So, are there any negative effects of Videogames? Should we simply take all the video games ever made and dump them into a canal? Well, as someone who has been playing video games for the past thirteen years, it would be only right for me to put down the negative effects of video games that I have experienced. Apart from the general physical negative effects that you read everywhere, let me elaborate on the mental negative effects, and only someone who has been playing games can tell that to you.

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Effects of Playing Online Game Essay
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Negative Effect of Video Games # 1: Get a intriguing game, like say, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, or Diablo or Dungeon Siege and you will find yourself trying to run through your entire work day and get back to your console or computer to play or continue playing the game. Therefore, not only are you playing the game while you are playing the game, you are playing the game even when you are not playing it. Negative Effect of Video Games # 2 : All that you hear about gamers being more violent than non-gamers, I cannot say it this way or that, but here I should tell you one of my experiences.

Before I used to play games, whenever I used to be stuck in a traffic jam, I would just pout, shrug and look up to the sky, as if a magic bridge would come down for me to complete the journey. And after I have played games like Need for Speed and other racing games, I do get that momentary, fleeting idea that I can just rev up my engine and road rage through the entire traffic. There, you have it, and you can quote me on this one. These are apart from the numerous other situations you face like insomnia, sleeplessness in the night, drowsiness in the day if you are a dedicated gamer.

The negative effects of gaming are not just confined to your mental and physical frame. Here are the other aspects of your life and profession where video games can and will have a negative effect. Negative Effect of Video Games # 3: With every game worth at least $10 a pop, think about the amount of money you are spending on the games. And do not tell me you do not buy a game every month. I tell that to myself every month and all I get is a grin.

And apart from the initial cost, think about the subscription costs you pay in if you are into MMORPGs. Of course there are free MMORPGs available, but serious gamers do not like to play along gold hounding Koreans, don’t we? Negative Effect of Video Games # 4 : If you ask a computer whom you would like to inflict physical harm to, chances are the computer will point a trembling finger towards their owners. And the situation gets worse if you use non-genuine copies of computer games on your machine.

Non genuine software is simply not good for your machine, but then, who can take their eyes away from those peddlers who sell two or even three games for $10, while if you go into the shop you will get each game for $100? You’ll find other articles all over the Internet going on about the carpal tunnel syndrome and ruined posture and backpain related to gaming, but these are just some of the other negative aspects of video games that should not be ignored. I myself have written about Video Game Violence – Effects of Violent Video Games By Roy D’Silva


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