Effects of Religion Essay

CheckPoint: Effects of Religion Due 8/15/10 Day Four Organized religion is something that many people cherish. Religion is something that many people live their lives by. Organized religion is a concept that was meant for good purpose, but it does not always serve good purposes. When mass amounts of people are influenced they can do horrible things and wonderful things in the name of god. But people that head most organized religions do not always promote what is good and righteous. There are many benefits of organized religion, but there are many negative impacts as well.

War and hate crimes are two negative effects that organized religion has had on society. War is an effect of organized religion, and there are many examples of this. The catholic protestant war in Ireland is a perfect example of this. The crusades are another fine example of organized religion creating havoc. A more recent example is the world trade center and the Iraq war. It is supposedly because of religion. I believe that there are a lot of religious fanatics in the United States and the world, but I also feel tha our government makes it seem like something new when it is not.

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Effects of Religion Essay
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I think a lot of the problem is our occupation of their country, but it still has ties with religion. Organized religion is meant to unite people. But in many cases it has only accomplished separation, sterotypes, and war amongst people. Another form of organized religion that is effected is hate crimes. When the World Trade Center was attacked many Muslim and Arab people were victims of hate crimes. A lot of people thought it was patriotic, and that anyone who was Muslim was a terrorist. I am Arab/American and I still am called a terrorist) A lot of innocent people were and still are discriminated against and abused because of this. The KKK is also another example of hate crimes due to organized religion. The KKK, a form of organized religion, has strong religious beliefs yet they lynched and abused many African American people. Hate crimes come from ignorance and organized religion can promote ignorance instead of alleviating it. These are my great examples of organized religion and how it effects society.


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