Effects of Technology on Social Groups Essay

The outgrowth of engineering has brought about different societal effects. Some have lost while others have gained from the engineering. A great portion of engineering involves working with machines and this has resulted into less human labour and most of the people have been rendered idle by the machines. This is a negative consequence on the societal group that was working together since some have to be laid away to give manner for the machines. Some people have become wealthier while others have become hapless and this has created a spread between the two groups.

This has changed the outlooks of many people in the societal environment ( Langdon. 1986 ) . For those who have studied how to work with the machines they are basking and acquiring closer to their societal groups. Peoples can easy work from place and this has made working easier. Social groups can work together on the cyberspace and they can even portion a web. Most of the engineering lies in the computing machine and through the computing machine ; people can easy speak with all their friends in the societal web sites.

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Effects of Technology on Social Groups Essay
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Peoples besides find partners and lost friends on the cyberspace and this is a virtue of engineering since people keep in touch even when they are far from each other ( English-Lueck 1998 ) . In societal groups like households. engineering has led to dissolutions of close household ties sine the household members can pass on by directing an electronic mail and chew the fating. They feel that they are close to their relations even when they are in distant topographic points hence they do non trouble oneself to go place. This has made most of the parents to lose control over their kids. This is a manner in which engineering has created freedom for the immature coevals ( Ruth. 1989 ) .


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