Egypt Revealed Essay

1) What are mummies?
A mummy is a preserved body that has been prepared for thousands of years.

2) How are mummies made?
The ancient Egyptians used to mummify people by this process. They first removed their brains with a hook through their nostrils. They then proceeded to take out all the internal organs of the mummy, except for the liver and the heart. After, this they filled the empty insides up with sawdust or linen pads. Next, they cut a hole on the side of the body and filled the body up with an embalming fluid. Finally, they wrapped the mummy in cloth and placed the mummy in a sarcophagus that was shaped like a human.

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3) Are mummies still made today?
Mummies are not made today because technology has advanced so much that mummification is not needed. They have other methods such as when a human dies they insert an embalming fluid into the body which preserves the body.

4) What are some examples of what is put into a tomb with mummies?
Egyptians that were mummified were normally of up most importance, so they had many of their riches or treasures buried with them such as; gold, silver, mummified animals, pottery jugs of water and many other items that were important to them.

5) Explain the types of garments worn by mummies.

Mummies were sometimes wrapped in cashmere or other times wrapped in a furry yet more woolly type of fleece.

6) When were the pyramids at Giza, Egypt constructed?
The pyramids at Giza or otherwise known as Nacropolumus Pyramids where believed to have been built around 2500 B.C.

7) Examine the photographs of art at the following web site. Describe the culture of the people from viewing their art. Explore the five themes of geography through their art.

These pictures tell many things of these cultures and what they believed in. There are a lot of statues, which I believe symbolize gods or other spirits such as this. These cultures were very developed and showed many interactions with other cultures. One example is how Cleopatra brought a lot of Mediterranean derived art. She also brought art from the Nile. These all interacted with previous art and architecture of the Egyptians. This art also shows how the regions affected the architecture.

8) Based on your reading from the Davidson article in the literature book, what other cultures do you think have mummies?
Well, it shows there may have been cultures in the Chinese regions that could have practiced mummification. These mummies, from the article, were supposedly English in nature. Than the obvious Egyptians practiced mummification frequently.

9) What would you like to learn from the field trip on Friday?
What are the some of the secrets of the Egyptians?
What did they invent?
How did they affect us?


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