Electronic Reserve Essay

Explain why you agree or disagree with the decision in your chosen Electronic Reserve Reading. The electronic reserve reading that I read was the one about the judge stalling Michigan’s drug testing program for welfare applicants. I agree the decision on making people that are applying for welfare take and pass a drug test. The reason why I agree with this decision is because a lot of people that are receiving welfare benefits stop trying to do better once they start getting the benefits. I feel like they get comfortable and start only depending on welfare.

A lot of these people probably are doing some kind of drug and cannot pass a drug test so they do not even try to go out and search for a job. I look around and most of the people that are receiving welfare benefits are between the ages of 18-30, these are young people and most of them smoke weed. So they feel like they do not need a job because they are already taken care of. If they pass the bill to start drug testing then I feel like it will push these people to stop smoking or doing whatever kind of drug they are doing and get out there and look for a job.

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For the ones that do not pass they drug test drop the amount that they are receiving and make they go to a rehabilitation center, once they have graduated make they take a drug test periodically and if they pass them then raise there benefits. For the ones that refuse the drug test cut their benefits all together. I feel like this will save the state some money because the will not be paying out so much in welfare benefits.


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