Elements fitness and spa


Elementss Fitness and Spa believe that diet, fittingness, relaxation and an grasp of the natural elements can assist to advance the importance and value of healthy life.


Passion for consequences

We show expertise, enthusiasm and dedication in fulfilling client health care demands and presenting high quality merchandises and services at low-cost monetary values.

Respect for our clients

Our clients are our spouses in making value to our work ; their trueness is our greatest wages.


What we do, we do good. 100 % satisfaction warrant.

Servicess – Watering place

At Elements Fitness and Spa, we offer a complete scope of massage therapies, aromatherapy, organic structure chaparral, organic structure wrap, organic structure contour, hair watering place, facial, waxing, manicure and pedicure with a broad scope of natural merchandises to nurture your organic structure and lift up your psyche.

Treatment Packages

Executive Fresh-up

After a long and boring journey or a feverish twenty-four hours, refresh up with an aromatic seventh cranial nerve and Chinese G-Jo.

45- minute aromaplasty facial and 45-minute Chinese G-Jo

Stress Recovery

The emphasis alleviating massage soothes tenseness and starts the rebalancing procedure, this is followed by a revitalizing facial to go forth tegument hydrated and beaming.

45-minute emphasis alleviation back and shoulder massage and 75-minute work forces ‘s cleaning intervention

Aroma Vitality

A soft and soothing intervention brings the elements of Swedish and reflexology together to beef up the organic structure ‘s critical energy with renewed spirit.

90-minute Swedish massage and 45-minute pes reflexology

Island Indulgence

A entire refreshing head and organic structure intervention with an aromatic massage and aromaplasty intervention to fancify the skin color.

90-minute aromatic massage and 75-minute aromaplasty intervention

Himalayan Rejuvenation

Three loosen uping interventions combined into a pampering experience get downing with an olfactory property detox organic structure wrap followed by a soothing Swedish organic structure massage and eventually, an oxygenizing seventh cranial nerve.

75minute aroma detox organic structure wrap, 60-minute Swedish massage and 75-minute oxygenating intervention

Massage Treatments

Aromatic Massage

Choose from indispensable oils to intermix and utilize in this deeply curative intervention which is both quieting and elating for the head.

Chinese Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese organic structure intervention to excite the force per unit area points and promote the flow of energy to better circulation.

Foot Reflexology

A reflexologist utilizations force per unit area points to consistently excite nervus physiological reactions in the pess. These points correspond to all major organic structure parts and variety meats, exciting them to better organic structure map and assisting to reconstruct balance and harmoniousness.

Hot Stone Massage

Using smooth, warm rocks, the healer applies soft force per unit area to convey instant alleviation to strain musculuss and sore articulations. Stress merely melts off.

Stress Relief Back and Shoulder Massage

Designed to advance harmoniousness, this intervention uses techniques to alleviate tenseness in the cervix and shoulders, stimulate the scalp and continue the wellness and beauty of the hair

Swedish Massage

Using traditional techniques, this invigorating massage works to alleviate emphasis, recharge and re-energise while accomplishing a tranquil province.

Body Treatments

Aroma Detox Body Wrap

The good action of an algae mask to polish your organic structure by run outing off toxins every bit good as fatty sedimentations and H2O keeping. Includes a organic structure chaparral.

Aroma Relax Body Wrap

The godly esthesis of a pick mask. A soft and warm cocoon like wrap to do you experience good, relaxed, and wholly zen. Includes a organic structure exfoliation.

Salt Body scrub

A sensuous combination of works infusions indispensable oils and sea salt. The intervention provides a stimulating and refreshing cleanse for the whole organic structure, rejuvenating the tegument and eliciting the senses.

Facial Treatments

Aromaplasty Treatment

A 100 % natural multi-active decongestant for all tegument types made with selected vitamins ( chiefly vitamin E ) and proteins. The intervention offers hydrating, anti-ageing, anti-oxidising, anti-inflammatory and mending belongingss to better micro-circulation every bit good as facilitate incursion of skin-care merchandises, go forthing your tegument soft and velvety smooth.

Harmonie Treatment

Harmony seventh cranial nerve has the ability to reconstruct balance and softness, conveying comfort to the most sensitive teguments. By assisting to extinguish unsightly stains and beef up the tegument ‘s natural defence mechanism, the skin color is left experiencing soothed and rejuvenated.

Work force ‘s Cleansing Treatment

Gentle and natural aromatic merchandises are used for this facial which is suited particularly for work forces ‘s tegument. The particular merchandises “ dainty ” the status of the tegument by reconstructing balance every bit good as stimulating and hydrating the tegument.

Nutrivital Treatment

Premature all right lines and furrows linked to dryness are smoothed off, go forthing the tegument nourished, supple and resilient to climatic aggressions.

Oxygenating Treatment

This intervention helps to fade out and extinguish drosss while reconstructing balance to dull skin colors, go forthing the tegument supple and refreshfully clean.

Ear and Eye Treatment

  • Ear Candle
  • Eye contour


  • Back
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Chest
  • Chin
  • Forearm
  • Full arm
  • Full leg
  • One-half leg
  • Under arm
  • Upper lip
  • Eye Brow

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