Elephants Essay

One of the biggest mammals is elephant. There are two main kinds of : Asian elephant and African elephant. African elephants are larger than the other kind. One way to differentiate them is that African elephants have bigger ears than Asian one.

African elephant, as their name implied, they live in Africa. There are many jungles and rainforests which elephants like to live. They are usually 2.5 to 4 meters high. They look like a huge wall standing in front of you. Actually they are as tall as our classroom, even taller. With their huge bodies, their weight can up to 2,268 to 6,350 kilogram.

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Elephants Essay
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The most special thing of an elephant is their long nose, they use nose to pick up things from ground, drink water, wash their body, identify the smell dangers, and communicate with others. They usually have two long tusks. They use them as digging tools. They also use them to pry bark from trees and protect them from danger.

Many people curious what these huge things eat. Do they eat meat? The answer is, no. They are plant-eating animals. Grass, bark and many other fruits are best choices for them. An adult elephant eats about 300 kilograms food a day to support their huge body.

Their average age span in the wild can up to 70 years old. Female elephant gives birth to a baby 4 to 9 years once. It’s very hard to have twins for an elephant. Elephant babies are usually 79 to 113 kilograms, heavier than many human.
Many businessmen cut their tusks off. They sell them for money. The number of elephants is getting smaller and smaller.


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