Elie Wiesel Night Essay

Sometimes you have to choose between the survival of your loved ones, or yourself. There are moments where it takes all your energy Just to keep on going and helping o there Is out of your reach. For those who choose to go out of their way to help others, they may fin d that it is more then they can handle. In Night, the struggle of surviving while trying to help his father survive gives Elli a great burden and causes him to unconsciously wish to be free of that burden. Lie wants his father to stay by his side and would go through great lengths to help hi survive.

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Elie Wiesel Night Essay
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For example, Ell thinks, “As for me, I was not talking about death, but about how I did not want to be separated from my father” (82). This shows that Ell cares a lot ABA UT his father and wants to continue to be with him. Also, being with his Father makes Ell lee as scared of death since his father is one of his reasons for living. Then, when Ell encounters R baby Alleluia who asks If Ell has seen his son. Ell says no but then realizes that he did but the son was trying to be rid of his father. Lie then wishes to have the strength to never do what R Elijah’s son did. This wish shows that Lie would never hurt or betray his father.

Also, since Ell thinks that what the son did was terrible, it means that he wants to always be loyal. II Ii loves his father very much and would stay with him through thick and thin. The sacrifices Lie makes for his father gives him a great burden. Lie confesses in the book, “l gave him what was left of my soup. But my heart was heavy. I was aware that was doing it grudgingly. Just like Rabbi Elijah’s son, I did not pass the test. ” (107). This shoo was that the burden Else’s father Is putting on him Is getting heavier. Also, Ell Is having a lot more difficulty taking care of himself without the father getting in the way. “l list 1 OFF


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