Elizabeth Essay

Movie Review: Elizabeth Elizabeth I of England was known as ” The Virgin Queen” she was the daughter of Henry the VIII and her mother was a commoner and later executed. Even though her mother was nothing special Elizabeth was born a princess. Queen Elizabeth was the half-sister of the dead Queen Mary Tudor for who she took the throne. Although the movie told the basic story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, there were many different historical inaccuracies that are shown throughout the film.

A few of these inaccuracies that are shown in this film are the way the queen carries herself as a politician, the way that she is courted by different royalties from different countries, and even in the way the Queen is dressed throughout the movie. As a young politician, the Queen is shown throughout the movie in a way that portrayed her as being very timid and almost very inexperienced. She is shown during her first scene as Queen of England biting her lip unsure of what decisions to make.

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The truth is quite far from the way the movie depicts her though. Queen Elizabeth was a confident woman and had great knowledge in the country of England and Ireland and ended up being one of the greatest rulers in history, without a husband by her side. Some accuracies are the relationship between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley and the fact that she spent time in Jail for being suspected of having protestant beliefs.

In a time that the Catholic Church was in charge and any other belief would lead you to eath Elizabeth was accused of having these different beliefs even though she never really came out and said them but as soon as she became Queen she worked very hard to put an end to the biased belief systems in her country. The director of the movie did a great Job of creating the scenes and making the movie seem like it was set in the 1500s. I believe that the movie although it has some accuracy, was made more for entertainment.


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