Email vs "Snail Mail" Essay

Argumentative Essay on Email and regular mail- why email is better BY Dixie 10 Before telephones the only way to communicate with each other was to write letters. It took days before the letter got to the recipient and it took days for the writer to get the reply. Then telephones were invented and conversations became instant. Most people loved the telephone and Its usefulness but some enjoyed and missed writing letters. Luckily E-mail was Invented which allows people to write letters and send and receive them Instantly.

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Email vs "Snail Mail" Essay
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E-mail Is a very effective way of communication. The critics say that E-mail is not as efficient as the telephone or a letter. They say the problem with e-mail is that it’s harder to show emotion then if you were to use a phone. When talking in person or on the phone you can hear which syllable has the emphasis so you know the more Important words. It makes It harder to disconnect from being In contact with someone. Disconnection (In order to connect more deeply later) now requires the greater discipline and resourcefulness (Nixon 677).

Nay Sayers not only say is it harder to show emotions but it’s also harder to go back and forth. With a telephone it’s all instant and you Just speak what you want to say. With e-mail you keep having to check to see if you got any and it can really take up a lot of time. The challenge is how to keep technology with a rotundities reproductive rate supplementary, not something that overruns our days (676). With all that typing It can really do a number on your muscles. The most common Is carpal tunnel but other muscles are affected too.

We Just sit at the same computer all day long in the same position. No wonder our deltoid, trapezium, and infuriates muscles go into revolt (677). Actually you can explain yourself more In depth and truthfully when using e-mail. Without the person on the other end of the phone Its easy to Just write down what you would normally say and either bold the important words or put them in caps. Letter writing, has tended to be more formal and less off the cuff exchanges (Negotiate 672).

E-mail is a lot easier then playing telephone tag with someone all day Just to ask them a simple question. Fact, a face-to-face or telephone conversation is real time and synchronous. Telephone tag Is a game played to find the opportunity to be synchronous. Ironically, this Is often done for exchanges, which themselves require no synchrony whatsoever, and should just as well be handled by non-real- time message passing (672). Although the critics say you can get carpal tunnel there are simple things you can do to avoid all those aches.

Gel wrist rest is covered in soft microfiche cloth to provide ultimate comfort while the frame adds stability and durability (Kensington 5603). China it would cost anywhere from 7 cents a min to 27 cents a min (AT Long Distance Plans). With e-mail on the other hand it is free. It doesn’t matter where you send it or how long the email is, it is still free. You don’t even need to buy a computer because if you go to your local library then they allow you to use their internet and computers for no cost.

By using e-mail you are able to reread what the other person wrote and it also allows you more time to understand what is actually happening. It allows you to take in the bad news before confronting the other party and making a large mistake. He could digest the bad news in private and get his emotions under control before her had to respond (Killed 674). When you call someone and they don’t pick up the phone you are either sent to a message machine or a vocalism service. Each of which only allow you to have a maximum of 2 minutes to leave whatever message it is that needs to be passed along.

On the other hand if you send someone an email you are allowed near limitless text to pass on the same message. Plus with emails you are allowed to send pictures and other files that you aren’t able to send over a telephone conversation. E-mail allows you so much more freedom and flexibility then the telephone. It allows you to send unlimited length and amount of messages at no extra cost and it allows you to call anyone anywhere for free. It also gives you the leisure to respond whenever you want and not be forced to respond right away.


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