Embalming Essay

IntroductionPerhaps you wonder how a person chooses a subject to write about. For me the topic of disease and obesity in America and what some of the causes are became very important to me after a discussion with my daughter. I feel we need to listen to some of the younger people in this world and see life through their eyes sometimes. I have seen many stories about obese children in America and wonder, how does this happen? Also hearing about the many deaths or increase in diagnosis?s of people with heart disease or cancer raises a concern. We are supposed to be a country that is aware of how these things happen and should know how to prevent it, or at least try to, yet we are an obese and diseased population and Country. When my daughter pointed out some information that she had researched I started looking into it myself. I found that many studies support the idea that much of the disease and obesity is caused by hormones, chemicals, and steroids added to our food sources, and given to livestock meant for food consumption. I also agree that we have become too sedentary with all of our computers and electronic devices; also in some places it is just not safe for children to go outside and play unattended by an adult, therefore they are less active. Things need to change to help obesity and disease in America.

Some causes of disease and obesity in America may be more than just lack of eating the proper foods and lack of exercise. Whether chemicals added to our food source, or chemicals and growth hormones, along with anabolic steroids that are injected into livestock and poultry contribute to obesity and some diseases is an issue that needs to be addressed.

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Many of the additives that are added to food are salt, flavorings such as spices, and vinegar, but the one added the most is sweeteners. These are added as preservatives, and to enhance flavor and appearance. Many sweeteners cause a person to gain weight and salt in excess is not good for a person?s heart health. Many things are due to having an excess amount, that is another things that causes obesity and disease is the portions that American eat. So when additives are put in food and then we have oversized portions and many times add more salt and sweeteners to the food we eat we become overweight or develop a disease or illness or both.

The way milk is processed has changed since I was a child. When I was a child I went straight to the dairy farm and got milk before it ever went to a processing plant. Now cows are kept inside (never let out). They are confined their whole lives only to produce milk. Cows are improperly fed with things in their feed that they normally would not eat ?such as soy, bakery waste, citrus peel, cake and the swill from ethanol production ?as described in – Dirty Secrets of The Food Processing Industry, (Fallon), (2011). The confinement and improper diet cause these cows to become sick, so they are given antibiotics. They are also given hormones so that they will produce more milk, which then ends up in the milk that we eventually drink. Of course we are not drinking ?real milk?; we are drinking part of the milk that was separated into fat, protein and other liquids and solids. This is done so they can make whole milk, low fat, non-fat etc? This is only talking about milk and cows you can imagine going into all the other sources of food and livestock that we consume.
Studies have shown that many health problems are caused by adding MSG and flavoring to our food. Studies showed mice became blind and obese when MSG was added to their diets. Reactions in humans ranged from temporary headaches, brain cancer, or seizures. Other illnesses included multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer?s, permanent brain damage, diseases of the nervous system as well as violent behavior, as described by Dirty Secrets of The Food Processing Industry, (Fallon), (2011).
People need to be more aware of what we are putting in our bodies and stand up for better food with no chemicals, hormones, steroids, or any additives that seem to be causing health issue heart disease, cancer and obesity to name just a few. There is a plethora of information out there that a person can educate themselves regarding this issue. I implore you to take a stand and look into it. There are many sites that have videos on this issue so you can just listen if you?re not a reader. Help save your health and the health of others. This too would also help the livestock have a better live and perhaps return farming to the people and not the government which would open up more jobs in America. Make this a part of your contribution in life, if you ever wanted to leave a mark that says ?I was here?.

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______ paragraphs are disjointed and do not build on one another
______ conclusion which merely summarizes what?s already been said
Additional comments:
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