emergency plan Essay

Emergency Action Plan- leave the bolded part, the italicized part is instructions, the regular type is required info, so leave it. For your facility choose the last place that you participated as an athlete in the sport that you chose for your portfolio. DELETE these instructions before submitting. 1. Emergency personnel- Fill in the blank with WHO will do that task or fill it out with the appropriate information, then DELETE these instructions. Roles within the Emergency Team 1. Establish scene safety and immediate care of the athlete .

Activation of the Emergency Medical System Emergency equipment retrieval to scene 3. 4. Direction of EMS Activating the EMS System Making the Call: ??? 9-911 (if available) ??? notify campus police at ??? telephone numbers for local police ambulance service Providing Information: ??? name, address, telephone number of caller ??? nature of emergency, whether medical or non-medical * ??? number of athletes ??? condition of athlete(s) ??? first aid treatment initiated by first responder fire department ?? specific directions as needed to locate the emergency scene ??? other information as requested by dispatcher 2.

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Emergency communication- How will you work together? Walkie Talkies/Cell Phones/Laminated Numbers List? remember that at large venues or inside gymnasiums cell phones will often not work. Write it out! DELETE these instructions after finishing. 3. Emergency equipment- What will you have available? AED/Basic First Aid Kit/ Backboard? Where will it be and who will be in charge of it? DELETE these instructions 4. Roles of first responder- “plan”this should left as is, DELETE these instructions after finishing. . Immediate care of the injured or ill student-athlete 2. Activation of emergency medical system (EMS) a. 9-911 call (provide name, address, telephone number; number of individuals injured; condition of injured; first aid treatment; specific directions; other information as requested b. notify campus police at 542-2200 4. Direction of EMS to scene a. open appropriate gates b. esignate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct to scene c. cene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move bystanders away from area 5. Venue directions with map- Make/flnd a map and write out directions including street/number/phone/explicit directions (land markers) an address alone will not work, think about trying to find gyms/fields they are often through weird hallways and in odd place. You can use google but may have to add some information on how to get to the actual gym or area. DELETE these instructions after finishing.


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