Emerson "On Education" Study guide Essay

In On Education, Emerson stated, “It is not for you to choose what he shall know… He only holds the key to his own secret (Emerson 332). ” This Is a controversial argument that has Its pros and cons. To Emerson, It Is considered selfish of the teacher or parent that does not let the child progress in his or her own mindset of what they want to learn. It is also imperative to see that the student will choose what they want, not what they need to learn. Patience and respect towards the pupil is squired when allowing them to pursue their career or choice of education (Emerson 338).

The question to ask is how long will it take for the student to decide what they want to pursue. It is said by Emerson, “to not be too much of parent” (Emerson 332). Who will direct us in the right path if not our parents or elders. From another point of view, it is easy to comprehend Emerson thoughts. If the student were to have the passion towards what they study, then one is to infer that the student will be great in the career they chose. His argument infers that all students will be like this which in fact may not be true. 3.

Basic rules such as: raise your hand before you speak, treat others as you would Like to be treated, do not disturb others and obey teacher’s Instructions will enhance the student’s learning ability. These rules can either shape the student to be a role model of good or a rebellious student. Rules are imposed to make the instructors lesson be easier to understand and teaches the student discipline which he will eventually benefit from later in life (Emerson 337). School rules are necessary and beneficial for both the student and the teacher.

In school, when committing infractions upon the rules that were imposed by the school, they give you warnings and referrals to give the student the opportunity to better themselves. Rules can often be hard to follow which Is why at an early age we are taught the consequences of breaking the rules. Some kind of order is necessary in the classroom to make sure that the student learns what is needed and not be bothered by a inconvenient ignorant that yells out foolish Junk.

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Emerson "On Education" Study guide Essay
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