Emily Dickinson Essay

The first poem that I chose from her was “I’m “Wife”–live finished that–“. I am comparing this poem to, “Wild Nights–Wild Nights!. I will be discussing the similarity in writing between the two, each who have a deferent theme. I have considered the line breaks throughout the poem, stanza breaks, rhyming, repetition, line lengths, sound systems, settings, structures, and the use of figurative language. The themes of these poems are different In writing but seem to have similar meanings. In the first poem, “I’m “Wolfe”–live finished that–“, she seems to be finding ere self as a woman.

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She was always alone, with thoughts that she kept to her self. Now she Is with someone, “I’m “Wolfe’–live finished that–“. She says “this being comfort”, she feels comfort with this new person, maybe seeing this person Like a husband. Realizing It was pain she felt before she had this. This Is why she said, “That other kind?was pain–” In the second poem, “Wild Nights?Wild Nights”, She seemed to have found her self with a man in an intense sexual experience. She has never felt this before, never having a man in her life that can have such an impact, sexually. Bringing out motions she never thought she could have. Wild Nights–Wild Nights! “. Writing with excitement, like a young girl writing in her Journal, about kissing a boy for the first time. The writing form of these two poems is very similar. Dickinson likes to use line breaks in many of her poems. In these two particular poems she does it in a very similar way. In “I’m “wife”–level finished that–“. She uses line breaks at the end of seven of the twelve lines, also uses them in the middle of five sentences. In “Wild Nights–Wild Nights! ” , She uses them at the end, five out of the ten lines and in the diddle of three lines.

The diction in her poems is very similar. She almost relives her experience through her writing, getting that same feeling again as she write. She always seems to write with emotion. This makes her sound systems similar as well. Using exclamation points in both poems, she feels what she writes, and writes what she feels. She does not use stanzas in either of these poems. Both poems are short and also have similar line lengths. In “I’m “wife”–live finished that–“, she uses three to six words per line. In “Wild Nights–Wild Nights! “. She uses two to five words per line.

The setting of both poems seems to be taken at the same place but at a different time. Her poems are Journals from her life and most of her life took place at her home. They both were structured around a man In her life that filled her with many new emotions, and other things for that matter. No one really new about her affair till after her death. This means she must have been meeting her secret affair Nights–Wild Nights! ” to occurred. All of her poems were coded with a lot of figurative language. Although the two that I eve read are pretty obvious as to what was going on in her life at that time.

She used a lot of metaphor. In “I’m “wife”–level finished that–“. She says “I’m Czar” meaning absolute power like the emperors of Russia; this was followed by “I’m “woman”. Comparing the two as being the same, in “Wild Nights–Wild Nights! ” She uses a lot of metaphor. “Futile–the Winds–To a hearts in port” I don’t have any idea what that means but I’m pretty sure it’s a metaphor. “Done with the compass–Done with the Chart! “. She is saying she has lost all sense of direction she no longer wants o do what is supposed to be done. Rowing in Eden–Ah, the seal! ” Saying she is in paradise swimming in the water around because she is so happy, she’s in her perfect place. These two poems are about her finding fulfillment. This fulfillment coming from a secret love affair in her life. This filled her emptiness. “I’m “wife’–level finished that–“. She’s found love, she feels like she’s married and is now taken away from the lonely pain she always felt before. Being more than Just a sexual encounter but as she puts it “Rowing in Eden–Ah, the sea”. Eden meaning supreme happiness


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