Emma Weather Test

Question Answer
When an area does not get enough rain over a period of time Drought
Which storm has a funnel-shaped spinning cloud with strong winds? Tornado
Which storm has rain, thunder, and lightning? Thunderstorm
Which storm has strong winds, high ocean waves, and heavy rain? (begins over the ocean) Hurricane
Which storm has heavy snow and strong winds? Blizzard
What are the four seasons? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Weather is a part of the daily news. Tracking the weather is most important to which group of people? Farmers, meteorologists, life guards, anyone who works outside
What are the four types of precipitation? Rain, Sleet, Snow, and Hail
What are some words that would help you in recording the weather? Sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, partly cloudy, cloudy
Which instrument measures the amount of rainfall? Rain gauge
Which weather instrument measures the air temperature? Thermometer
Which instrument shows the wind direction? Weather vane
Name the three stages of the water cycle. Precipitation, evaporation, condensation
What is a flood? When an area gets too much rain

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