Empathetic Listening Essay

Empathic listening The explanation of listening is to give someone attention. Excellent listening skills are important and essential in communication, especially in the communication between patient and caregiver. Empathic pertains to empathy, empathic listening means showing patients the compassion and understanding of their feelings and emotions. Six types of listening; 1. Active listening – Caregiver will pay close attention to what patient is saying. 2.

Responsive listening – Is when caregiver is using Gestures, such as shaking and nodding. your head to express yes and no. 3. Reflective listening – When caregiver is when you re-word or rephrase to help patient. 4. Appreciative listening – Like listening to good music and appreciating what you hear, listen to patient and appreciate it. 5. Empathic listening – Caregivers to focus on the patients understanding and what their needs are and the communication between both. . Critical listening – Is when caregiver is listening to patient in judgmental way. Scenario Patient is a 25 year old Native American, which recently moved with family from reservation into an apartment with mother, father, siblings and grandparents. This is the first time she has ever been to a physician being forced by social worker. Patient’s epidermis on right and left arm are covered in pimples and bumps with itching. Nurse – Good morning, my name is Doris.

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Empathetic Listening Essay
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I am the nurse that will be talking to you about your arms and the itching. Patient – I’m ok I really don’t need to be here! The social worker made me come because she thinks my parents and grandparents don’t know what’s best for me because they do not understand English very well. My family can take good care of me. Nurse – Nodding with compassion and understanding “Yes I believe your family can help you and I will also try to help. Patient – Patient smiles and says thank you and explains the remedy grandparents have been using. My family have been using this same potion for years and it always works, its all natural from the earth. We don’t trust western ways. Nurse – Nurse responds by asking “What remedy is that and how is it helping the itching you been having on your arms? Patient – Patient “Is a remedy that we use and don’t share with people outside of our family. It was real red, and has gone away. Nurse – Nurse replies “ Well that’s great, the doctor will be in and take a look at it and he will prescribe something for the small bumps.


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