Employee Involvement On Employee Performance In Public Sector Essay

The intent of this survey is to research what impact employee engagement have on employee public presentation in the populace sector in Nigeria. In most administrations employees public presentation leads to organisation growing and besides creates competitory advantage ( Gennard et al 2005 ) . However, many administrations, illustrations Banks such as United Bank of Africa plc have carried out a retrench exercising, besides Union Bank of Nigeria and Fin Bank are besides at the brink of allowing off workers, while Spring Bank expelled 200 workers non go forthing out Wema Bank plundering over 500 workers. Oceanic Bank of Nigeria has besides sacked over 1500 workers ( Daily Champion 2009 ) . The major retrench of workers in the banking sector has led to low public presentation of employees ( Punch 2010 ) . The major deficiency of employee engagement affected the employee public presentation which is the clear position that employees public presentation and committedness to an administration depends on how involved they are in the determinations made in the administration, were their are oversights and how these workers are cognizant and how they can better and do things better.

The chief research inquiries will be highlighted and stairss through which the chief inquiries will be tackled are the nucleus elements of this proposal. To accomplish this purposes, this research would affect some academic literature to understand the chief facet, theoretical accounts or phases ( if any ) that is necessaryl in acquiring at the impact of employee engagement on employee public presentation. Harmonizing to Lewis et Al ( 2003 ) employee engagement is the occupation of the direction of an administration to act upon employees character and workplace behavior. Harmonizing to Blyton et Al ( 2004 ) employee engagement is the procedure of employees taking portion in determinations and actions that affects their occupations, it is besides the uninterrupted part to better organizational end. However, the proposed methodological analysiss, findings and illations will be carried out and stated. Finally, the proposed results of the chief research will be highlighted every bit much as possible as it is hard or about impossible to province in definite clear footings what the result of the research will be. This research is structured and expected to be carried out over a 4-7 months period excluding any unanticipated fortunes.

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Employee Involvement On Employee Performance In Public Sector Essay
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Enterprises forms the economic benchmark of a state which are the concerns or trade made that brings about the wealth and increase the position of a state, which can either be publically owned or owned by a citizen ( private ) of a state ( eHow Contributor 2010 ) .Public and private endeavors in Nigeria are authorities ministries, Nigeria Water Corporation, Federal Inland Revenue, Bankss, Consulting houses, Information Technology companies, Power Holding Company of Nigeria etc which are net income devising businesses/ administrations.

However, this research would be concentrating on the populace sector. The major job faced by employees in some of the public administrations is the deficiency of direction practising employee engagement. The chief purpose of this proposal is to look into what impact employee engagement have on employee public presentation. Employee engagement can be measured with employee dealingss, and there is besides the premise that the high committedness degree of an employee can heighten the organizational aims which would increase the work gait of an employee, addition invention, quality, public presentation and clients satisfaction ( Mike Leat 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to Guest ( 1987 ) in Pilbeam and Corbridge ( 2010 ) states that Human Resource Management has four policy ends such as integrating, committedness, flexibleness and quality. However, employee engagement patterns in an administration builds the committedness leve, creates flexibleness, trust and better the quality result in an employee which in bend increases the public presentation result ( Plibeam and Corbrigge 2010 ) .

The term employee public presentation has raised a batch of oculus foreheads and has been conceptualized by Derek Rollinson ( 1997 ) as the positive attitude or character of an employee towards transporting out a occupation description or rubric positively impacting the administrations aims and ends. However, I have noticed in Nigerian public endeavors, employees tend to be delegated and determined to better and make competitory advantage for their administrations, but on the other manus, employers and direction of these administrations are carried off by the consequences of the end product of these employees, ignoring their engagement and engagement in determination devising towards constructing the administration which would tout the degree of committedness and public presentation of these workers. The decreased consequence of employee public presentation in these administrations is as a consequence of the ineffectualness of direction professionally affecting employees on affairs that concern the administration thereby reduces the degree of committedness, developing deficiency of involvement in employees towards the administrations. Management of any administration is responsible for the engagement and engagement of employees as direction creates room for employee to take portion in determination devising procedures ( Michael Armstrong 2009 ) .


Assorted academic literature points the hindrances of employee engagement as the attitudes of work topographic point brotherhood representatives and the attitudes of line directors and the direction at big.

The research inquiries is: What factors determine the degree of employee engagement in public sector parastatals in Nigeria?

To reply this inquiries I would hold to:

Analyze the historical ancestor of the populace sector in Nigeria.

Critically examine and place the theoretical facet of employee engagement and public presentation direction.

Critically examine public endeavors in Nigeria on how they maintain good employee relationship ( employee and employer ) with the usage of employee engagement appooach.


This subdivision of the survey is non traveling to be complex and would non affect much inside informations of the research. It would nevertheless analyze the literature so as to place the theoretical constructs that would assist place the impact of employee engagement on employee public presentation.

Since the 1980s, developed states and developing states have been seeking to advance and better the populace sector direction reform. The procedure of advancing and bettering the populace sector could take to the development of these states. However, universe bank and other givers in Africa have systematically tried to happen different ways of pull offing the populace services by making and bettering the markets and competition within the public sector. The mission behind this reform is to increase efficiency, engagements among the workers within the public sector and besides better answerability of the economic system ( ECA 2003 ) .

Administrations in any state and the pattern of Human Resource Management has a great influence on the development of the state. However, the degree of diverseness is high which affects the political and administrative facets in Nigeria. To cut down or down size the high degree of diverseness greatly depends on a high execution of Human Resource Management. The procedures and methods to which an administration achieves its set ends is of great importance and such procedures include bettering disposal and besides bettering Human Resource Management which enhances organizational effectivity. It besides improves employee public presentation and helps authorities parastalas to accomplish their set aims and ends ( euro diaries 2010 )

The public sector include ministries, parastatals and excess sections which are the chief instruments to the African authorities for edifice and bettering the ends and aims of the province. It is the duty of authorities to make appropriate and comfy environment in which all public sectors operate thereby presenting good services in bend. However, a strong agencies for a better public presentation of employees in the public sector demands to be readdressed to better the macroeconomic stableness and efficiency ( ECA 2003 )

It is observed that Human Resource Management are really critical and effectual for bettering public presentation ( Pilbeam et al 2010 ) . Strategic Human Resource Management attacks such as employee participation/involvement, preparation and development, employment dealingss in correlativity with the authorities ( public sector administrations ) aims are the most of import aims that positively impacts on the effectivity of the ends and public presentation ( Redman et al 2006 ) . The physical points produced by any administration such as goods, stuffs, instruments can be reproduced and cloned but human abilities can ne’er be cloned and by these employees become the competitory advantage of an administration ( eurojournal 2010 ) .

Harmonizing to Corbridge et Al ( 2003 ) there has been serious uncertainties on the issue of employee engagement increasing employee committedness thereby besides impacting on public presentation. To do direction more effectual on participation/ engagement in strategic determination doing methods, Edwards et Al ( 2011 ) argued that the direction ( managers/line directors ) should supply employees with critical information on of import affairs every bit frequently every bit possible as they have direct contact and as a consequence non to do harm to either the direction or the employees. David Farnham ( 2010 ) in his authorship stated employee engagement is the footing for supplying critical and of import information to employee and edifice room for suggestions from employee thereby lending to organizational public presentation.

What so is Employee Involvement?

By and large the term Employee Involvement has been postulated and defined by different bookmans. Harmonizing to Bratton and Gold ( 2007 ) employee engagement can be defined as the procedure of affecting employees with the chance to act upon decision-making on affairs that affects them. Harmonizing to Lewis et Al ( 2003 ) , employee engagement encompasses a scope of patterns that are focused straight on employees, including signifiers of communicative engagement, undertaking degree engagement and fiscal engagement and is affected by managerial actions and manners of leading. However employee engagement can be categorised into two parts which are the undertaking degree engagement and communicative engagement which this research work is largely concerned with.

Furthermore, employee engagement is the procedure of leting employees to hold a hug sum of control, freedom of pick by shuting the communicating spread between the direction and employees ( Serbian diary of direction 2011 ) . However in an administration employee engagement can be classified into two which are the low and high ( direct and indirect ) . The high degree of employee engagement is the attack whereby all employee at assorted degrees are cognizant of the planning processs and are involved in the determination devising procedures while low employee engagement is the procedure in which involves merely the top direction ( Bratton and Gold 2007 ) .

This research would besides look into the managerial form of control and the leading manner in the public endeavors in Nigeria which is the bases of mensurating the schemes of the direction attack of these endeavors in respects to employee engagement, thereby mensurating how direction influences employee dealingss ( employee and employer ) and positively impacting on the civilization of the administrations. Based on this I am interested in analyzing the factors responsible for scrawny employee engagement patterns in Nigeria public and private administrations.

Employee Involvement is one of the key footings in Human Resource Management demoing the relationship between employer and employee. There has been tonss of constructs on employee engagement and employee engagement. Harmonizing to lewis et Al ( 2003 ) states that the construct employee engagement and employee engagement has been termed by others as holding the same significance, while Bratton and Gold ( 2007 ) have stated the difference between employee engagement as the procedure of employees supercharging direction on determinations and employee engagement as the softer method of employees take parting in determinations with a common involvement direction and its employees. The difference between employee engagement and employee engagement is a difficult and soft attack as to employees engagement in an administration.


Methodology states several methods that needs to be aligned during the write up of a thesis. It can besides be stated as a description procedure in which the construct of roll uping information, the procedure by which the information is gotten and collated, demoing the relationship it has to the subject or research ( Bryman et al 2007 ) .

5.1 Epistemic and Ontological Dimension Of The Research:

The Epistemological country to which this research would concentrate are inquiries of what is appropriate cognition in the country of survey ( Bryman 2004 ) .Methodology is the attack that unpins the research ( eHow 2011 ) . It gives a clear position of the findings and research done by the writer. However, the survey to this research paper would affect assorted schools of idea. The proposed procedure of replying the research inquiry is through interpretive paradigm because it would make a stiff apprehension of the populace sector in Nigeria and its patterns. However, due to the complex nature of replying the above inquiries, this research would consist of academic literatures and besides primary and secondary literature. This survey would besides take on qualitative research method as it gathers informations and analyses them in so many ways as possible. It besides examines information in a broad context as possible which seeks to analyze jobs or issues in-depth.

5.2 Secondary Datas:

The secondary informations would include diaries, academic books so as to assist analyze the conceptual models when composing the concluding thesis. More so, cyberspace beginnings would non be left out as to acquire company information. Newspapers and magazines would besides be reviewed as it is updated regular and as a agency of acquiring concrete and recent information for the research.

The primary informations would be the usage of questionnaires that would give valid replies to the proposed inquiry. The usage of questionnaires would be carried out with the populace sector in Nigeria such as Power Holding Authority of Nigeria ( PHCN ) , Government Ministries, Federal Inland Revenue Services ( FIRS ) . The chief purpose of utilizing more than one administration is to hold a comprehensive, good elaborate overview and apprehension of what impact employee engagement have in these administrations on employee public presentation at different degrees and category in the administrations.

Furthermore, this research paper would besides utilize interviews as it gives a clear position of how people feel towards communicating in their work topographic point and besides give an apprehension of the relationship between employees and employers. Both employees and employers would be interviewed so as to hold a clear position of both parties. However, interviews are really dependable and gives concrete replies as it physically involves the participants ( interviewer and respondent ) which gives the originality of the findings ( Bryman et al 2007 ) .

5.3 Research Design:

This research topic what impact does employee engagement have on employee public presentation in the Nigerian public sector caught my involvement as a consequence of the fact that I am a Nigerian, have lived in the state and have had one twelvemonth work experience and at the clip employee engagement was non effectual. However, as mentioned earlier this research would be carried out utilizing both primary / secondary beginnings and qualitative research.

Interviews would be carried out and opened ended inquiries such as ; how committed and loyal are they to their administration? To what extent/ degree are they involved in the determinations of the administration? To what degree are they informed on the activities or development of the administration? . These interviews would be a physical method as it would enable the research worker to construct a comfy degree of communicating and gather valid concrete informations ( Bryman et al 2007 ) .

5.4 Ethical Consideration:

In line with set abouting this survey, this research would adhere to the ordinances and ethical criterions of the University in dealingss to the Business School moralss signifier. Therefore, traveling harmonizing to the regulations and ordinances, this research would derive blessing on the questionnaires that would be used to garner informations for this research. Besides necessary blessing would be obtained from these administrations before any interview or questionnaires are distributed. I would besides obtain blessing for entering the interviews and the blessing would besides province the right of the respondent to halt the interview at any point in clip. The interviews would be carefully conducted as non to do any emotional dislocation or be perceived as an question instead than an interview. Confidentiality of collected information is really cardinal as to protect the image of the respondents and besides protecting the image of the administrations in which information would be collated from.


In transporting out this research a batch of clip would be dedicated to it. A batch of reading can non be left out in transporting out this thesis, reading related theories, academic literatures would be a good start to garnering informations and accomplishing a good completion of the research. I would depute 40 hours every hebdomad to do researches and collating information every bit good. I would non waver to run into with my supervisor at any point in clip if I get stuck along the line in transporting on my research and composing up my thesis as it is really of import to inquire inquiries if need be. However, alterations may originate in the procedure of composing my thesis which would originate to doing accommodation to the initial research. I have created a confab program on the clip graduated table that would be spent for the thesis which is Appendix 1.


To transport on this research I would hold to go back place which is non a job, as the fundss needed to make so is set aside if need be and if clip licenses, nevertheless deriving entree to these administrations and garnering information I feel might be strict and hard but non plenty to deter me on shiping on the challenge. The possibility of non been able to go back to Nigeria to transport out interviews and distribute questionnaires in the selected populace sector in Nigeria to collate information is high as the continuance to finish the thesis is short. This I feel is a failing to this work as I might non be able to critically analyse and constructing a valid decision on the findings more so it might take longer than expected to acquire back responses from emailed questionnaires to respondents thereby detaining my research. However, I am determined to react quickly to any alterations or challenges during the research work as to salvage clip and be prompt to alterations.



Submission of Proposal.

Meet with supervisor and duologue on way for the research of the thesis.

Create and subject a structured undertaking agenda to my supervisor.

Embark on strict hunt on stuffs for the thesis and start strict reading on literatures, diaries etc.

Build questionnaire and acquiring blessing for informations aggregation.

Embarking on journey to Nigeria to transport out interviews and distribute questionnaires.

Bite of questionnaires, analyse information and informations retrieved from questionnaire.

Meet with supervisor for a reappraisal session on the advancement of the research.

Start introductory portion of the thesis.

Proper authorship of the thesis and do corrections if any errors along the line.

Write up on decision and recommendation.

Concluding entry of thesis.


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