Employees Motivation And Organizational Performance In Retail Essay

The ability of an organisation to confirm the bringing of quality merchandises and services is indispensable for its long term success. In this of all time increasing, disputing and volatile market status most organisation are viing to last. Motivation and employee ‘s public presentation is a power full tool that affects organisation public presentation in long tally. Organization public presentation includes assorted activities that help to put its ends and monitor those activities in order to accomplish desire marks. In concern universe the lone thing where executives and proprietors are frustrated about is organisation public presentation, despite the employee ‘s of the organisation are really difficult working and executing their undertaking on clip, is where the organisation ca n’t accomplish their coveted aims. Those negative consequences might be the cause of some unexpected event like external factors and good luck instead than the consequence made by employees: employee plays an of import portion in organisation public presentation. Numerous surveies has shown a strong relationship between employees satisfaction and organisation public presentation. Motivation is a cardinal point which straight affects the public presentation of the employees which finally leads to effectual and productive public presentation. There are many factors which enhance motive degree of the employees such as Performance assessment, it is one of the major factors that affect positively toward employee ‘s motive and inspiration to accomplish

administration ends. Motivation is a desire to accomplish marks or ends and for that people combined their attempt and energy to carry through them. Motivation is a characteristic that is necessary to carry through anything in life: it inspires and gives individual bravery to seek their best to accomplish aims.

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Employees Motivation And Organizational Performance In Retail Essay
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We will further discourse in what ways different internal and external factors consequence the organisation public presentation and how motive plays an of import function in organisation public presentation in retail industry such as Tesco.

Tesco is one of the UK biggest supermarkets which provide the quality merchandises to the client under one roof for competitory monetary value. The company has built its success on offering clients great pick and first-class value. Tesco started life in 1919 when Jack Cohen started selling excess food markets from a stall in the East End of London. Mr. Cohen made a net income of ?1 from gross revenues of ?4 on his first twenty-four hours. The Tesco trade name foremost appeared five old ages subsequently in 1924 when he bought a cargo of tea from a Mr. T. E Stockwell. Now it ‘s one of the taking international retail merchants in the universe and the UK ‘s figure one domestic supermarket with over 1200 shops throughout the UK. Tesco now operates in 13 states and over 30 million people shop with us each hebdomad. www.tesco.com

3. Aim ‘s & A ; Aims

The ultimate intent of the survey is to analyze different positions which affect the public presentation of the organisation and how motive plays an of import portion in sweetenings of the organisation public presentation in concern organisation

Research Questions

1- To research assorted organisation public presentation issues in retail sector

2- To research the interconnectivity between motive and organisation Performance

3- Employee ‘s motive and organisation public presentation in Tesco

4- Proposing who to concern organisation public presentation in Tesco

4. Preliminary Review of the Literature

Most of organisations view their public presentation in footings of Effectiveness. In current concern environment it can be difficult for legion organisations to accomplish their ends ; effectiveness can be judge merely if organisations achieve their desire ends, aims and mission. At the same clip some organisations view their public presentation in the sense of efficiency, in apportioning their resources. This can be achieved by optimal usage of organisational resources in order to carry through desired undertaking. The both footings must be financially feasible and relevant for the interest holders. Organization public presentations can impact some external concern environment every bit good. The impact of the external environment can be an Opportunity every bit good as Threat. Beside these two facets, there are more factors that can impact the public presentation of the organisation such as Administrative, Political, Social, Economic and Technological. Multinational organisations have small control on demographic alterations such as govt policies or cultural norms, so they need the organisation to accommodate to the external environment. International house scheme determination shapers so develop such scheme that allows these houses to successfully work the chances and counter the menace from external environment. These schemes so match the resources in the external environment where it operates which is called strategic tantrum.

Organizations which do non possess a minimal grade of strategic tantrum are bound to neglect ( Galbraith & A ; Kazanjian 1986 ) . Improved apprehension of these external factors can increase the public presentation of the organisation and this cognition can be a positive influence in the favor of the company ‘s scheme. Degree of motive besides play of import function in organisation public presentation. Motivation affairs most when it increases the efficiency, effectivity and productiveness and makes it more likely that whatever consequences are targeted will be hit.Performance determined by the organisation ‘s motive to execute, which refers to the organisation vision, mission, history, values, cultural and incentive system.

All these factors affect the quality of work which leads to organisation public presentation. Multination organisations ever keep in head employees and their motive degree in order to develop company scheme. In the long tally for organisation success it is necessary that your employees are satisfy with their occupation and you have taken stairss to increase their motive degree in order to present quality work. There is an old expression that you can take a Equus caballus to a H2O armored combat vehicle but ca n’t coerce him to imbibe it will merely imbibe when it ‘s thirsty, same is the thing with people: you ca n’t coerce them to make because they will make merely if they want to make ; merely a motive can make. There are different ways to increase the degree of motive in employees such as public presentation assessment, end scene, determination engagements, wagess and occupation security. Performance or wagess in term of money or wage which is possible incentives among others, money is important inducement no other inducement or incentive technique near to money with regard to its instrumental value, ( Locke, Feren, McCaleb, Shaw & A ; Denny 1980 ) .

Job security is 2nd most built-in portion that impacts straight on employee motive degree, harmonizing to ( Boldman & A ; Deal 2003 ) , organisations are using new engineerings that prompts downsizing the figure of workers, using portion clip worker and outsourcing in order to salvage cost. This state of affairs poses negative impact on employee motive and they do n’t experience any occupation safety, therefore turns to bad public presentation which automatically affects the overall organisation public presentation.

Staff work best when they know what they have to make, how good they have to make it, and how good they are thought to hold done, so they need to speak to their directors at least one time a twelvemonth about this and directors need to take their staff positions into history when puting work ends and make up one’s minding who needs what preparation. ( Alan Fowler 1991 ) .

5. Methodology

This research work propose to utilize instance survey attack and this type of research methodological analysis is ideally to analyze the overall retail system and assist out to measuring the organisation public presentation in the sectors such as organisation schemes, client trueness, CRM, concern schemes, on-line shopping, enrolling & A ; choice procedure, company constabularies and criterions.

Research Plan

Research Perspective

I will utilize intercrossed method in my research which is division of both techniques qualitative and quantitative. The ground of utilizing these techniques is that quantitative techniques is really use full for roll uping informations such as units of volume and cost etc, while qualitative is used to add more information.

I will utilize such old researches for build up theory, As my research will be theory constructing so I ‘ll follow inductive attack while on the other manus deductive attack is rather hard and very clip consuming.

Research Design

In my research undertaking I will utilize transverse sectional design in which different types of informations aggregation methods are used such as semi construction for papers analysis and interviewing. By utilizing transverse sectional design I invested my research to different types of informations beginning such as secondary informations, which base on diary, magazine and primary informations collected thorough inquirers and interviews.

Data aggregation methods

I will utilize both methods of informations aggregation, primary and secondary in my research.


Secondary informations: there is non such work done in this needed field, so secondary informations method is used as base for roll uping the informations through the organisation

diary, text book, cyberspace, concern magazine and published stuffs that will straight or indirectly relate to my research.

Primary Datas: this is the 2nd resource of informations aggregation ; primary informations will be semi construction interviews and questionnaires ‘ . The interview non arrange yet but it can be though face to face, group interview, telephone interviewing or it can be any other connecting beginning. I will develop questionnaires for employee ‘s, which my co-worker is every bit good and will carry oning that questionnaire with up to 100 employees. The ground for utilizing semi construction interview technique is that it will give freedom to interviewer to talk freely on that peculiar subject. I am be aftering to interview to 5-7 people at direction degree in order to roll up primary informations. I might carry on 10-12 interviews of the people from different back land it can be scheme shaper, professional, MBA pupil and instructors to acquiring wider understand on my topic..

Datas Analysis

After roll uping the information from different resource the following measure will be to analyze the informations and draw decisions. The secondary information which will be collected through above reference resources will be drawn and further analyse to happen out the cardinal point, and the primary informations for my research which we will carry on through interview or inquirer will besides be analyse by me. After the analysis of both informations aggregation methods are completed, the consequences will be show in signifier of tabular array or graphic like saloon confab or Gantt chart with the aid of different computing machine package such as Microsoft excel or SPSS. After represented them in graphic or table signifier I will pull the concluding determination.

Validity and dependability

This research is valid as it chiefly focuses on employee motive and organisation public presentation in retail industry.

The information will be collected merely from the reliable and dependable beginnings such as diaries, newspaper, books. In order to roll up primary informations, chiefly through interviews, particular safeguards such as audio-recorded or taking down notes will be considered. High attending will be given when acquiring informations from different resource in order to acquire better consequences.

6. Ethical Considerations

The university of Sunderland Ethical manus book will be followed and in any uncertainty will be clear by supervisor.

My research work chiefly will be base on primary informations and company informations, but no personal information will be included so the information protection strategy will non use.

The 2nd beginning of informations which is used in my research work is interview and questionnaire ; interview will merely be recorded in conformity with the interviewer ‘s comfort otherwise will merely be noted down. I will look into all interview inquiries with my supervisor.

In short every facet will be taken under consideration in order to follow the ethic regulation throughout my research and there will be a uninterrupted treatment with my supervisor about this

7. Any particular resource or entree required

The major job which I may confront during my research work would be to set up the interviews with higher direction but I will seek my best to set up them on clip.

The 2nd job is that there might non be major beginning of information available sing this subject thorough the University provided library resource and major hunt engine for e-journals, but there are still some major diaries I ca n’t asses without enrollment or paying money.


In my research work I am of the sentiment that employee ‘s motive leads to organisation public presentation.

H1: employee ‘s motive has direct impact on organisation public presentation

H2: Organization public presentation really much dependants on external concern environment.

H0: The Hypothesis nothing and nothingness

My Research work development Plan

I draw a chart which show which activity I complete in what span of clip.

Key Activities

( Milestones )


( Plan of action )

( Weeks )

Resources required

( Equipment, package, forces etc )

Submiting the Proposal


Paper and Binder

Determining the Literature reappraisal Resources


Computer, Internet, web browser, Journals, Books and PDF readers

Roll uping Data on the instance Organizations


Diaries, Financial statement, Internet, Interviews, Questionnaires and PDF readers

Analyzing of the instance organisation and reappraisal of literature


Word Processors, PDF readers, pen, notebooks and Computer

Draft of the Discussions and Conclusion Chapters


Notebook, computing machine, word processor and write

Compilations of the full Dissertation


Word Processor, Excel and PowerPoint etc

Submissions and Correctionss


Word Processor and Computer

Drafting the Final Paper


Word Processor and Computer



Supervisor Remarks ( Any remarks or amendments appropriate to the undertaking should be recorded here )


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