Enchanted Kingdom: the Magic Stays Here Sample Essay

I. Case Overview

Enchanted Kingdom ( EK ) is the innovator subject park in the state. touting seven antic subject zones. and imported drives and attractive forces. An “imported” subject park image was the primary selling point in the conceptualisation of Enchanted Kingdom. With category AB as its mark market. the park invested to a great extent on resources to do it run into international criterions. drives were imported from abroad and crew are trained from Disney. USA.

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Enchanted Kingdom: the Magic Stays Here Sample Essay
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However. due to the unstable economic conditions predominating in the late 1997 onwards. the company deferred its enlargement programs. The turning popularity of shopping promenades. film houses. etc… had besides become a challenge in keeping park attending. New selling schemes should be considered in order for the park to be feasible and to be able to spread out farther.

II. Situational Analysis

Enchanted Kingdom is a subject and amusement park located in Sta. Rosa. Laguna. Philippines. It is about 26 kilometres ( 16. 1 stat mis ) from Manila and has a land country of 16. 6 hectares. Enchanted Kingdom is a proud member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It besides got accredited with the International Theme Park Inc. to guarantee that it complied with international safety criterions. Aside from its 21 drives and attractive forces. all of which were imported from the United States. Germany. and Japan. there were a assortment of nutrient mercantile establishments. forte stores and picture games centres.

Furthermore. all the crewmembers working in the subject park received “service” preparation from Disney. USA. One of EK’s chief jobs was to level out the demand throughout the twelvemonth. Marketing scheme was formulated and implemented during thin months to turn to the issue. but another challenges rose during those months. Another thing besides was the inadequacy of their major attractive forces and drives.

III. Problem Designation

Due to the unstable economic conditions predominating in late 1997 onwards. the company deferred its enlargement programs. What should be the selling schemes to be considered in order for the park to extinguish seasonal demands and hike its guest attending and profitableness?

IV. Statement of Evaluation and Options

Despite the economic crisis. Enchanted Kingdom is still able to go on and run their concern. Enchanted is besides a pick locale for corporate assemblages. birthdays. nuptialss. introductions and other events. It is besides able to provide to group reserves from 10 to 10. 000 invitees in assorted themed environments in the Park’s seven zones or in its events countries. Enchanted Kingdom self-praises of “themed zone entertainment” in each zone. It besides has a assortment of musical shows throughout the season utilizing assorted in-house and Television web spouse endowments.

Presently. EK enjoys the repute of being the “Disneyland” of the Philippines. Much of this repute is the consequence of the attractive thematic layout of the park. complement of available drives and attractive forces. fulfilling and merriment experience. and the attempts made by the EK staff and employees to supply all EK invitee with a charming experience.

V. Recommended Solutions

Enchanted Kingdom can extinguish seasonal demands and hike its guest attending and profitableness through: PULL Marketing Strategy.

* Advertising and mass media publicity
* Word of oral cavity referrals
* Customer relationship direction
* Gross saless publicities and price reductions

Before implementing a PULL maneuver. they should hold an enlargement by adding more exciting world-class drives and bettering their services. This means there would be extra investing. Since the publicities that they had like the price reductions. etc… weren’t systematically effectual because it was merely targeted to the Filipino people and cognizing that Filipinos were greatly affected by the crisis. EK could besides hold a research on which states were less affected with the crisis and see on market enlargement to those states.

They could make this by holding TVC on AXN or other international web merely like the TVC we see on starworld. axn. etc… for Malaysia. Everland for Korea. With this. we do non merely attract Filipinos but besides. invite aliens and possible tourers to come to our state and experience Enchanted Kingdom. This doesn’t merely benefit EK but besides to our economic system every bit good. Travel bureaus inside and outside the state advancing the Philippines. they can besides include an Enchanted Kingdom circuit on their travel bundles.

Another option would be. adding the same drive since it is mentioned in this instance survey that during peak seasons. it normally took about 30-40 proceedingss for the visitant to wait for a major drive. This was frequently a bend off for many first-time visitants. However. adding the same drive has it’s ain pros and cons. The pros would be clients will be satisfied with the service and will hold good feed back on Enchanted Kingdom. Thus. good clients feed back allow EK to hold more clients. On the other manus. there will be extra costs and the ROI might non go on in the same twelvemonth since the peak months merely lasts for 3-4 months.

Third option would be still related to selling and advertisement. To decrease the selling costs. EK could hold advertizements online through Social Networking Sites. Often times. we see on our FB page streamers and dad outs or some company advertizement at the side of our newsfeeds. EK could besides make this.

And the last recommendation would be for Enchanted Kingdom to prosecute their enlargement programs. they should besides spread out outside Manila like here in Cebu and possibly Davao. If this would be the instance. so Enchanted Kingdom would hold an advantage to major rivals like Splash Island and Star City because once more. they would be the innovator subject park in Cebu particularly that utmost drives like those found in Enchanted Kingdom are still non offered here in Cebu.

The job of recession would non be an issue because it is seeable that the economic system of Cebu is hiking. Harmonizing to Philip Tan. president of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( MCCI ) . Cebu will go on to hold a robust economic system and a better concern clime in the following old ages. Expansion here in Cebu would assist Enchanted Kingdom addition more net income and at the same clip. they would be able to prosecute this long-time program without worrying much whether people can afford leisure disbursement or non.


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