Energy and Topics- Kinetic Particle Essay

English 1. Paper One – Composition(Narrative & Discussion), Situational Writing 2. Paper Two – Comprehension, Vocabulary, Summary 3. Paper Three- Oral Reading, Conversation, Picture Discussion Mathematics 1. Lower Secondary Topics- Formulas 2. Secondary Three Topics – Indices, Quadratic Eqns, Linear inequalities, Congruence & Similarity, Functions & Graphs, Properties of Circles, Trigonometry, Applications of trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Arc Lengths & Sector Areas, Quartiles & Percentiles 3.

Secondary Four Topics- Standard Deviation, Probability, Matrices, Vectors in Two Dimensions, Mathematics in Practical situation, Graphs in Practical Situations 4. Ten Years Series Additional Mathematics 1. Secondary Three Topics- Simultaneous Eqn, Surds Indices & Log, Quadratic Eqn & inequalities, Polynomials & Partial Fractions, The Modulus Function, Biomial Theorem, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Law, Trigo Functions 2.

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Energy and Topics- Kinetic Particle Essay
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Secondary Four Topics- Simple Trigo Identities & Eqn, Further Trigo Identities, Differentiation, Rates of Change, Maxima & Minima Problems, Derivatives of Trigo Function, Exponential & Log Functions, Integration, Area Of a region, Kinematics, Curves & Circles, Plane Geometry. 3. Ten Years Series, Redspot Book Chemistry 1. Secondary Three Topics- Kinetic Particle Theory, Measurement & Experimental Techniques, Purification & Separation, Elements Compounds & Mixtures, Atomic Structure, Ionic Bonding, Covalent & Metallic Bonding, Writing Eqn, The Mole, Chemical Calculations, Acid & Bases 2.

Secondary Four Topics- Salts, Oxidation & Reduction, Metals, Electrolysis, The Periodic Table, Energy Changes, Speed of Reaction, Ammonia, The Atmosphere & environment, Organic Chemistry, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols & Carboxylic Acids, Macromolecules Physics 1. Secondary Three Topics- Measurement, Kinematics, Forces, Mass Weight & Density, Turning Effects of Forces, Energy Work & Power, Pressure, Temperature, Kinetic Model of Matter, Transfer of Thermal Energy, Thermal Properties of Matter 2.

Secondary Four Topics- Light, Waves, Electromagnetic Waves, Sound, Static Electricity, current Electricity, DC Circuit, Practical Electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, electromagnetic Induction Economics 1. Basic Economic Problem, Money, Demand & Supply, PED & PES, Cost Of Production, EOS, Dis-EOS, Perfect Competition, PE & AE, Monopoly, Economic Indicators, Economic Development, International Trade, Government Intervention

Geography 1. Physical Geog- Natural Vegetation, Rivers & Coasts 2. Human Geog- Development, Geography of Food Social Studies 1. Secondary Three Topics- Governance in Singapore, Managing Healthcare, Conflict in Multi-Ethnic Societies, Bonding Singapore, Deterrence & Diplomacy 2. Secondary Four Topics- Iraq & Kuwait Conflict, Globalisation, Venice


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