Energy Resource Plan Sci/275 Essay

Energy Resource Plan Jamie Braegger SCI/275 Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jamie Braegger and I’m a current board member of the Home Owner’s Association. I’m here to educate all of you on Energy Conservation and why it’s so important to help do our part. First energy is so important because the human population depends upon energy to light out homes, cook food, grow food, warm and cool our homes during the seasons. World energy consumption is on the rise ever year mostly in developing countries, but we can do our part to help through energy efficient appliances, home insulation, and even in our vehicles.

We have to consider the effects of our actions on the environment and to move toward ways in which we create sustainability. There are nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Mining coal can damage plants by erosion from acid and toxic mineral drainage; streams can be polluted with sediment and acid drainage. Nonrenewable fuels are fossil fuels and they can deplete and can’t be replaced. Renewable energy sources are the opposite and can be replenished the sun, water, and winds are renewable resources.

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Energy Resource Plan Sci/275 Essay
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Solar energy is an example of a renewable resource; we can heat buildings, houses, water with solar panels or plates which absorb energy from the sun. We as humans can do our part personally to contribute in energy conservation and helping to sustain the environment through using more energy efficient appliances which can be a bit costly at first but will save energy, the environment, and ourselves money in the long run. We as consumers can purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs that use less energy and last longer than incandescent light bulbs.

And the next time you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle that is fuel efficient like a hybrid car which combines gasoline engines and electric motors. I think knowledge is power when it comes to each person doing their part so feel free to engage in more research on energy saving tactics. The government gets involved through programs such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which develops and enforces regulations for environmental law. The EPA uses the best available scientific information to protect Americans health and the environment through policies concerning natural resources, economic growth, ransportation, agriculture, and industry. The government also gives grants to environmental programs, educational institutions, they use sponsor partnerships, studying environmental issues, and teaching people about protecting the environment because it starts with understanding. The world is a better place when we all chip in and help to conserve whether we help at home or work, we can educate each other into living more conservative lives by doing instead of sitting on the sidelines.

We can get educated on nonrenewable resources and renewable resources, how to deal with each and effectively participate in managing sustainability wherever we can. Just remember if you want to save money save power and saving power helps the planet. References United States Environmental Protection Agency (July 15, 2010). Retrieved from http://www. epa. gov/ Axia College. (2010). Wiley & Sons Inc. , J. (2000-2010). Nonrenewable Energy Resources, Renewable Energy Resources [Ch. 17-18]. Retrieved from SCI/275 Environmental Science course web site.


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