Energy saving measures Essay

1.)There are talks going on around the world about the so called ?Global warming? and there is pressure among power industry as well to reduce emissions and to be environment friendly and as a result alternate sources of energy are being looked upon for future energy requirements.

?Even the UPA government signed the nuclear pact with US so that we can have more nuclear power stations as cleaner energy source.

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Energy saving measures Essay
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?Various industries in India are going green. Wipro in Mysore has developed a campus which uses solar energy for all its operations.

?One more example I can state is that of Mayor of Mumbai Shradhha Jadhav?s home where all the lights and other electric items in the compound run on solar energy.

?There are also growing number of buildings which are using renewable sources of energy for their daily operations
What I feel is what has happened because of social pressure is that countries are trying to incorporate the changes to use renewable and clean energy resources and many companies too within India are trying to build up their image by going green and by showing that they are doing something good for the country.

As of now 57 % of total consumption is from coal, which is expected to reduce with more use of renewable energy resources.

2.) With more number of IT jobs, BPO jobs the nature of occupation is changing, these companies have high number of technical equipments and because of this lifestyle change there is a huge increase in demand in power supply. If you calculate the peak deficit in India it?s about 13 % in May ? June.

3.) To meet the demands private players are allowed to enter into Indian markets, because of private companies entering into Indian markets the tariff rate is pretty high. For e.g. Reliance power tariff rate in Mumbai is higher than that of Tata Power. As a result recently in Malad when tata power was allowed to enter the region where consumers were using reliance power, many consumers shifted to tata power because of cheaper tariff rates, previously this wasn?t the case and each area was under one player only, but the scenario is changing now.

4.) Now, the main thing that comes out is to set up new power plants for which one prime important factor is to get the location to set up the plant. There have been protests from the locals to set up new power plants in their areas. E.g. Last year there was a strong opposition from locals in Jaitapur for the set up of nuclear power plants, they refused to accept the cheques in lieu of land.

So, these are the challenges which society has imposed upon the power sector companies which have to be dealt with carefully if we are to minimize the peak shortage of electricity in the coming years.


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